The Sound of Silence

The Outfoxed gals are having a blast. No, make that an explosion. Don't try to make sense out of it. After all, it's the Outfoxed gals. With J$P Video!

You have to believe they are grasping at straws over at the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mafia). Shall we look at the latest molehill-mountain metamorphosis, courtesy of mendacious Melanie?
Cavuto opened with: "An explosion (many news outlets are using the more appropriate word, "blast") in Manhattan in the wee hours this morning....

Why is "blast" a more appropriate term than "explosion". Melanie doesn't explain. Don't they mean the same thing? Let's check for a definition of "blast":

A violent explosion, as of dynamite or a bomb.

If a blast is defined as an explosion, then how can "explosion" be an "inappropriate" term to describe a blast? Again, Melanie is silent on this crucial point (crucial to her, apparently, since she made such a big deal out of it). Since she dismisses the event as "two makeshift grenades", Melanie seems to think the incident is being overplayed. Then why does she think Fox should have used a more violent term ("blast") instead of the one they used ("explosion")? No explanation of this conundrum either.

Another question: who are the "many news outlets"? Melanie doesn't specify. It's enough for her purposes that some people say "blast", so Fox is wrong. J$P will tell you what the curs don't want you to know:

The Guardian: a female jogger, a bicyclist and a taxi were shown on tape around the time of the explosions....workers were allowed in through a rear entrance about six hours after the explosion.
ABC News: The explosion originated in the planter...
The Star [UK]: Explosion at British consulate in US jangles nerves back home.
CBS News: ...looking for any evidence as to who was behind the front of the building where explosion occurred....the explosion was caused by "a relatively unsophisticated explosive device."
Reuters: ...small explosions went off in front of the skyscraper...
CNN: No injuries in morning explosions outside British Consulate
MSNBC: The explosion was a reminder that there is no room for complacency.... a Dutch national who was loitering near the building shortly after the explosions. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

Oh, and let's not forget Keith Olbermann:

Yeah, Fox is really out there all alone in using the term "explosion", aren't they? Don't all these news sources realize that Melanie has declared that "blast" is more "appropriate"? Of course, many of these news agencies use both terms interchangeably--because they basically mean the same thing! Of course the anti-Fox terriers won't tell you this, but even Fox used both terms:

Meanwhile, back at the kook kennel, a commenter poses this intellectually stimulating query:
Did Cavuto the "king of Business shows," by any chance mention tha [sic] GM and Ford bonds were reduced to JUNK status?
Probably not. We are soooo [expletive deleted]

Melanie's response? To ignore the question. Hmm, we wonder why. The increasingly frustrated (and totally clueless) reader tried again:
i [sic] will post this agin [sic] be cause [sic] it is MAJOR [sic] SIGNIFICANT TO OUR ECONOMY;
Did Cavuto the "king of Business shows," by any chance mention tha [sic] GM and Ford bonds were reduced to JUNK status?
Probably not. We are soooo [expletive deleted]

Again mendacious Melanie refuses to answer, or even acknowledge, the question. She clearly saw it there--twice. She herself responded to other comments. But not to these. She doesn't want to reply, preferring to allow the false impression to stand as fact. But J$P will show you what the newsliars don't want you to know [QuickTime movie clip]:

Even as the tail-waggers distort and falsify what they say, they are just as corruptly dishonest in what they don't say. The silence is deafening.

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