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The Outfoxed gals are back--and now they're running their stuff through a polemical Veg-O-Matic. With J$P Audio! Updated!

When dogs attack, things can get ugly fast. The newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal) are in full distemper mode over the reporting of Geraldo Rivera, but there is no need for us to dissect their rabid rantings when the good people over at The Adventures of Chester have reduced the doggies' natterings on this subject to rhetorical rubble.

But while the newspoodles have no problem getting ugly, they still have a bit of a hang-up when it comes to getting accurate. Back with one of her interminable rundowns of Fox News Live is nancy, whose penchant for creative writing has given us a veritable cornucopia of fabricated quotes and falsehoods:
He [Andrew Stack] mentioned that "insurgents claim" to have downed a UK plane in S Iraq but did not go into detail.

STACK: The militant group Ansar al Islam is claiming responsibility for downing a British C-10 in Ballad, that's about 20 miles northwest of Baghdad. They say they used an anti-tank missile to take the plain down early this morning. The British leadership here is saying they're investigating those claims, however, so no definitive word there.

You will note that nancy puts quotes around the phrase "insurgents claim", even though Stack never said it. Then she said there was no detail, when there was. Fabricated quotations and egregious inaccuracies prove to be the rule, rather than the exception, throughout nancy's "reports".
At 11:02am, Quinn said that..."some Dems" are being negative, to intro a report from Kelly Wright...

QUINN: Democrats are congratulating the Iraqis as well, but they are warning there are still dangerous days ahead. Let's go to Fox's Kelly Wright...

Why did nancy fabricate the wording "some Dems"? Because it's a key phrase in the newspoodles' arsenal of "evidence" of Fox bias. So when it isn't actually used, they just make it up, to keep the charade going.
Wright said that "60% courageously made their way to polling stations" (with another clip of Bush), "but Dems are calling for" immediate withdrawal of US troops...

WRIGHT: But Congressional Democrats are calling for an immediate withdrawal of some American troops now that the elections are over.
Quinn said this is being called a "pre-buttal" to Bush's State of the Union speech.

No she didn't.

WRIGHT: Both Pelosi and Reid's comments are what they call a pre-buttal to the upcoming state of the union address.

Brigitte Quinn and Kelly Wright, people are always confusing the two.
Kristol disinterred some old campaign rhetoric, claiming that "Pres Bush stuck to it," that he "didn't cut & run." Quinn chimed in with "Which is exactly what some Dems are doing" claiming that that's what Reid & Pelosi said [comment: they did not]

This is cut-and-paste, slice-and-dice example 1. The technique is simple: take a statement, slice it out of its original context, then paste it in as a reply to something else entirely. A wonderful tactic for the unprincipled, at least until you get caught.

KRISTOL: The notion that we should be discussing exit strategies the day after our policy is beginning to be vindicated, and we really have a victory strategy in sight, that's the absolute worst thing we could do.
QUINN: Which is exactly what some Democrats are doing. We've already heard from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi...

Quinn's statement above, which nancy falsely claimed was in response to "cut and run", was actually a response to "exit strategy"--which, by nancy's own admission in her article, the Democrats did discuss. But there's no fun in citing a Fox reporter telling the truth, so it becomes necessary to slice and dice, apply her comment to the "cut and run" sentence instead, just so nancy can insert a dishonest "they did not". Fraudulent? Of course. Sleazy? To say the least. The Newshounds? Standard Operating Procedure.
She asked if their statements were "unusual" & Kristol said "they want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory," but condescendingly noted "there are a lot of decent Dems" who don't share those opinions...

More doctored quotations:

QUINN: ...a pre-emptive message to the State of the Union. How unusual is that for a couple members of the opposing party to speak before the President gives the State of the Union.
KRISTOL: Well, they sometimes try to do this pre-buttal, I guess they call it these days....There are a lot of decent and patriotic Democrats, and surely this is the time to unite and try to make the policy work. Constructive criticism, I think, is a good thing. I've had my criticisms of the President's execution of his policy in Iraq, and they could use that kind of scrutiny and suggestions.

Note how the reference to "patriotic" Democrats gets erased by nancy, and replaced with some invented business about "share those opinions" that Kristol didn't say.
Quinn started off by replaying [comment: for the umpteenth time] the video shown by Al Jazeera

QUINN: Just want to put that video up on the screen again that we got into our newsroom just a few moments ago...
Quinn asked Donatelli if we are "likely" to see more terror. Donatelli didn't answer directly...

Blatant falsehood!

QUINN: Are we likely to see more desperate tactics in the future?
DONATELLI: Yeah, Brigitte, I'm afraid that we are.
Powers noted that the "defense of democracy" line is a new excuse...

Another fabricated quote:

POWERS: I just want to make a defense for democracy, which we're talking about here, and that's basically what's going on between the Democrats and the Republicans.

Not only was the quote fabricated, but nancy obliterated the meaning of what Powers said, inserting words of her own about "a new excuse". Nancy's fevered fantasies are truly reaching a crescendo.
[Sen Mike] Ferguson said the election was "incredible" but there are a "lot of naysayers here." Asman agreed that there are "countless examples of that"...

Cut-and-paste, slice-and-dice example 2. By now we're sure you realize that Asman's "countless examples" had nothing to do with "naysayers.

FERGUSON: Now that we've seen an extraordinary number of Iraqis who actually voted for the first time in 50 years...A man, a 79-year-old man who couldn't walk, but who yet who walked a mile to get to his polling place.
ASMAN: Well there are countless examples of that, people being carried on the shoulders of friends, 80-year-olds going in there.

A beautiful use of the slice-and-dice distortion technique, neatly splicing in a response that had nothing to do with what preceeded it. And then there's this curious attempt to rewrite Ted Kennedy's recent speech, as if millions of people really do not know what he said:
Asman claimed that Kennedy said that "US soldiers [are] part of the problem" [comment: which is NOT what Kennedy said...

KENNEDY: The US military presence has become part of the problem, not part of the solution.

On top of all this, nancy's article is littered with little two-and-three-sentence alleged quotes from the broadcast. One after another we found these were not quotes at all, but nancy's own paraphrases, enclosed in quotation marks as if they represented what was actually said on the air. Misleading? Of course. Unethical? Without a doubt. The Newshounds? Poster pooches for perfidy.

Update: We posted our list of nearly a dozen fabricated or doctored quotes from this article at the newshounds site. And nancy responded with the responsibility and journalistic ethics that the tail-waggers are noted for. She did not address any of her phony quotes, and deleted our comments. But on the internet, clumsily trying to bury one's mistakes doesn't work. It just reveals one to be a fraud and a liar.

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