To Err Is Canine

The gals who flack for Outfoxed are no better at accuracy than their masters.

The newshounds (another fine product from the Outfoxed cabal) don't always tell the truth, but to be fair and balanced, sometimes they just make stupid mistakes:
Still no mention on Fox of the anti-Fox chants heard so clearly on C-Span, who covered the entire protest...

Oh no? How about on Studio B:

SHEPARD SMITH: People screaming nasty things like "Fox News Sucks" and "Go Home Bush" and stuff like that.

"Ellen" backpedals:
In my post I was specifically referring to

Then why not say so? Does "on Fox" mean the same thing as "posted at"?

When Ellis Henican made an appearance on Dayside:
Henican responded that still, the American people don't connect with him [Cheney] but that Henican "really likes his policies, but he's not an appealing person."...If Henican is supposed to be the "liberal" on this panel, why does he say "we tried to humanize" Cheney last week and that he "really likes his policies?" Another Fox tact [sic] is that their "liberals" aren't liberals at all. They don't fight to get the liberal-progressive-democrat (whatever you want to call it) message through, so in that way too it's kept from the Fox audience.

Why would lefty Ellis Henican say he likes Cheney's policies? The obvious answer is that he didn't:

HENICAN: You can look at any poll, at any time, the American people do not connect with this guy. You may like his policies, but he's not an appealing person.

Melanie explains it all:
The juncture between "really likes" and "you may like" his policies isn't clear. If you want it your way, fine. Henican is still a weak defender of the left.

Um, well, that certainly makes everything clear. And in this same discussion:
When Fox News speaks about a Republican, Dick Cheney, going after John Kerry, "it's the running mate's role," and he'll "fill the traditional" VP role...When Fox News speaks about John Edwards (or other Democrats) going after George Bush, Edwards is an "attack dog." Biased. Partisan. Pro-Bush.

Fox & Friends September 2:

E.D. HILL: He [Cheney] certainly has taken on his role as the attack dog against John Kerry.

Oops. Oh well, getting it wrong is just another newshounds "tact".

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