How to Review Fox's Coverage: Don't Watch It!

The Outfoxed newshounds stepped in some of their own doo tonight. They have been caught--but good. Updated!

The newshounds (another fine product from the Outfoxed mafia) were so eager to get their Fox-bashing review of tonight's coverage up, that it appeared barely an hour after the convention adjourned. But sometimes it's better to be right than first. Submitted for your consideration, what newshounds titles "Convention Coverage: CBS vs Fox":
CBS promised only one hour of convention coverage tonight (July 26) and it delivered. Fox News promised a full night of coverage and didn't deliver. A previous post mentions how Fox cut away from Senator Clinton's speech and again later from President Clinton's speech. CBS broadcast them both in their entirety, and replayed a bit of Al Gore's speech from earlier in the evening....The contrast with Fox was stark.

There's only one problem with this synopsis. It ain't true. Fox didn't "cut away" from Senator Clinton's speech. Fox didn't "cut away" from President Clinton's speech either. Like CBS, they broadcast them both "in their entirety". And what's more, FNC showed longer excerpts from Gore's speech than CBS did--and they did so earlier.

What accounts for this embarrassing gaffe? Well this newshound was relying on a "previous post" for her facts. Unfortunately, reading comprehension skills are not what they should be at the doghouse, as even a quick glance at the "previous post" shows that it wasn't talking about FNC's coverage at all, but rather what was heard on Alan Colmes's radio show (where there were cutaways for commercials)!

Thus, in one easy step, it is demonstrably proven that the newshound posting from "judy" purporting to be a comparison of CBS and FNC is a fraud, written by someone who didn't even see the coverage. "The contrast with Fox was stark." Oh really? How would you know? You didn't watch it!

Update: "Judy" has rewritten the article and appended "correction" to its title in response to our critique:
My point was that Fox promised complete convention coverage, but has been delivering the same old Republican talking points. I stand behind that.

Well, it might have helped your case a bit if you had provided even one example of "Republican talking points". Were these delivered by Rahm Emmanuel? Howard Wolfson? Ralph Nader? Joan Jett? Jerry Springer? Lanny Davis? Howard Dean?

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