Terry Moran Is an Idiot

ABC's White House correspondent says Fox News is a "Republican surrogate". You won't believe what he cites as evidence. Updated! With J$P Audio!

Terry Moran, White House correspondent for ABC News, is an idiot. Questioning Scott McClellan today, he came up with this embarrassing rant:
"...And then other Republican surrogates are getting information such as, Cooper -- the Time reporter -- called Rove on the pretense of discussing welfare reform. Bill Kristol on Fox News, a friendly news channel to you, said that the conversation lasted for two minutes and it was just at the end that Rove discussed this. So someone is providing this information. Are you, behind the scenes, directing a response to this story?"
McClellan brushed it off, of course. So Moran tried again:
"Well, Fox News and other Republican surrogates are essentially saying that the conversation lasted for two minutes and that the subject was ostensibly welfare reform. They're getting that information from here, from Karl Rove."

Moran's questioning demonstrates not that Fox News is a "Republican surrogate", but rather that FNC is well-informed, and Moran is ignorant. He seems to believe that Kristol (who appeared on FNC this morning) has some inside information that nobody else got, so it must have come from Rove and/or McClellan. Let's check the record:

Item: "the conversation lasted for two minutes" - reported by Michael Isikoff days ago in his Newsweek article. Cooper's email itself clearly says the conversation lasted two minutes.

Item: "it was just at the end that Rove discussed this" - a statement made Monday by Robert Luskin (Rove's attorney) in a public interview, and reported by many news organizations, including the Los Angeles Times.

Item: "the subject was ostensibly welfare reform" - also as stated by Luskin and reported by the LA Times, Yahoo News, and--ironically--ABC News.

Item: "Someone is providing this information....They're getting that information from here, from Karl Rove" - No, Terry. Mr Kristol didn't need to have any information "provided to him"; he just did his homework. It seems you were too intent on calling Fox News a "surrogate" for the GOP to bother learning the basic facts of the story.

Moran is an idiot. Q.E.D.

Update: Hear the Bill Kristol interview that the brilliant Mr Moran claims was full of secret information that could only have come from the White House or Karl Rove.

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I see the poodles are citing Terry Moran in their idiotic post about E.D. Hill. Can someone explain their logic there? E.D. says she got the DNC talking points in her morning packet (I didn't see it so I can't say if she was being sarcastic), yet that shows right-wing bias? That kind of logic makes my head spin. Yet their tried and true reply is "it's obvious." Not to me.
And for the record, I am not the person who posted over there as SLL. I'd need those aspirin that Renee is going to appropriate from Shep Smith if I started posting over there...lol.
July 12, 2005, 5:35:52 PM EDT – Like – Reply

praise the lord other reporters are finally questioning what ALOT of folks have known for years!!! I say it's time for all the news orgs,except focks, to unite and beat focks at their own game!!! GO TERRY
July 12, 2005, 8:15:20 PM EDT – Like – Reply

I believe the Fox correspondent at the same news conference asked the following question: "How are you going to work with people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality?" To which the reply came "I am not going to comment regarding an ongoing investigation...Oh its you Wendell; sorry didn't realize it was you, what was Roger's, I mean your question again?" Of course, the issue is that the spineless mainstream media will wimp out again in the face of White House & right wing media (i.e. FNC) pressure! Go Johnny 2-bits...Fair & Balanced...just like you know who?!?!
July 13, 2005, 8:25:56 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Three above posts and two of them pure newshounds crap!
Personally I am furious that FNC White House reporter Carl Cameron (not Wendell Goler, Z-man obviously is color blind and can' tell a black reporter from white) did not counter Moran in front of the other reporters by stating two obvious facts:
1. That Bill Kristol formerly worked for ABC News. Is ABC News alsao a "Republican leaning network?"
2. And more appropriately, Bill Kristol's main profession is as the co-editor of the Weekly Standard Magazine and secondarily he is a Fox News Analyst, not a reporter.
I remain livid that Moran was able to get in two cheap shots with no public retort from Cameron or any other media present. (Where is Les Kinsolvng when we need him? ). 
And finally on a media well-known website very familiar to Johnny Dollar and yours truly, the "Boy Wonder" blogger posted a comment by an anonymous tipster stating "Terry Moran, David Gregory and Helen Thomas are the ONLY White House reporters who aren't lapdogs." Of course what is never mentioned is that Helen Thomas' supposed tenacious reporting against the Bush Administration is based on her long-tme pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic stances, not because she is any friend to the Democrats.
July 13, 2005, 12:17:20 PM EDT – Like – Reply

One additional item:
Seeing the blurb about Brian Wilson on the right of the screen reminds me how he recently infuriated the Dems and a lowly Washington Post.Com reporter when he had the nerve to ask Howard Dean and and Harry Reid questions about their recent anti-Bush, anti-GOP statements. 
I would love to see the 6'5", 250 lb Wilson (Brit Hume calls him "a loveable moose") confront pipsqueak Terry Moran at one of these White House briefings!
July 13, 2005, 1:13:54 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Yes, Ira, that would be the appropriate use of a FOX 'journalist'. Their sole function is to act as an 'enforcer' for the White House. Perhaps he could just stay home & let Scott McLellan email his stories to him. That would leave the 'loveable moose' more time to hunt down recalcitrant journalists. Oh my, did I get it wrong on the actual FOX lackey involved? That's OK as they are all interchangeable... Please don't tell Carl - the old loveable lunk - he might take it the wrong way! Remember Ira: We Report, You Decide!
July 13, 2005, 4:27:01 PM EDT – Like – Reply