A Non-Picture Is Worth 100 Words

The newshounds gals are desperate to find bias at Fox. So they make it up.

This is such a silly story that we almost didn't think it worthy of commenting on. But it's such an archetypical example of how the cabal behind Outfoxed will twist, distort, and lie, that we cannot resist. Quoth the newshounds:
The coverage of the Bush twins showed them with their dad; discussed a magazine spread they plan to do; and presented a picture of the girls in beautiful gowns, saying what an asset they are to the Bush campaign. On the other hand, Alexandra, a Kerry daughter, is presented as appearing at a Cannes Film Festival in a see-through blouse, and Vanessa had her last name removed from her lab coat. The rest of the coverage was neutral but didn't erase this negative image of the Kerry daughters.

It's another stunning "Gotcha!" from the toy terriors. Only one slight problem: it didn't happen. It's not true. It is what most people would call a lie. Let's go to the videotape:
  • ON-SCREEN: 16 seconds of footage of the Kerry daughters campaigning with the Senator [run twice]
  • ON-SCREEN: 6 second still shot of the Kerry daughters at a campaign event
  • ON-SCREEN: 6 second still shot of the Kerry daughters (posed in gowns)

But wait, where was the demeaning picture of her in the "see-through blouse"? You know, the shot that upset the newshounds so much, the one that leaves such a "negative image"? Only in the canines' fevered fantasties.

There was mention made of the Cannes photo. It consumed about 15 seconds of the 6-minute segment, as David Asman asked his guest: "You told me she was probably surprised, that she didn't know it was going to be see-through."

It's a good thing hounds don't wear pants; they'd need a fire extinguisher about now.

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