Like a Rug?

One of the Outfoxed gals cries "liar, liar!" But whose pants are on fire now?

Deborah, our favorite of the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate), is outraged at Laura Ingraham for attempting to explain Bush’s non-recall of a comment on Bin Laden. “How to Spin a Total Lie”, as she headlines her screed, rails thusly:
Laura Ingraham, however, gets the prize tonight for spinning Bush's blatant lie about Bin Laden into an attack on Kerry...Ingraham was caught and forced to defend a downright lie that everyone had just seen with their own eyes.

Wow, not just a lie, but a total lie, a blatant lie, a downright lie.
First she tried the "let's not go there" defense...

INGRAHAM: Well, I don’t think we want to go to the videotapes of either candidate on some of these off-the-cuff comments they’re making.

We assume that’s what deborah is talking about because it’s the only instance of the word “go” that we found in any of Ingraham’s comments on this issue. Deborah’s “quote” doesn’t track with what was actually said (what we call a Counterfeit Quote from Deborah, or CQfD for short). That might lead some to conclude that this particular newspup told a total lie, a blatant lie, a downright lie. But we won't say that. Yet.

Miss deborah always reserves her ultimate disdain for Sean Hannity, who this time riled the rottweiler by having Rich Lowry on with him:
Hannity talked about his own integrity in choosing not to bad mouth Chelsea Clinton and claimed that Mary Beth Cahill said that Cheney's daughter was "fair game".


CAHILL: There are a lot of questions here about gay marriage, and the key is, someone who’s a major figure in the campaign. I think that it’s fair game.

Hmm. We suppose using the word “claimed” isn’t exactly a total lie, or a blatant lie, or a downright lie. This is perhaps just a typical, garden variety newspoodle distortion. But, the night is young:
Lowry exposed the Republican's homophobia when he said that Kerry was wrong because not that many people knew that Cheney's daughter was gay and her privacy should have been respected.

LOWRY: I guarantee you, Alan, there are millions and millions of people who were not aware of this fact until Edwards and Kerry brought it up, for whatever reason. And let me tell you, the most fundamental point to make about this, Alan, it doesn’t meet the Colmes Test. The Colmes Test is good, honest, liberal argument, that doesn’t do low, cheap, personal shots like this.

He didn’t say that “not many people knew”; he said that there were many who did not know. Does that come up to the standard of a total lie, a blatant lie, a downright lie? We'll give deborah a break: not a lie, just a small distortion. We wouldn't even mention it but for the fact that it's part of a pattern. But then there’s this:
When Colmes showed a quote from Cheney acknowledging his daughter's homosexuality and supporting it, Lowry jumped at him. "This is not true. It's false!".

COLMES: Dick Cheney, on the stump, makes this comment. This is part of his stump speech.
LOWRY: No it’s not! That’s not true. You’re making that up. That’s false, Alan.

Lowry’s denial was not directed at the quote Colmes read, as debbie falsely claims with another CQfD, but rather was directed at Colmes’s erroneous assertion that this was part of Cheney’s “stump speech”. And it’s not like deborah didn’t realize all this, because just seconds later, Lowry corrected Colmes again:

LOWRY: One, Cheney made that comment, my understanding it was in response to a question. That’s not part of a stump speech. I mean, that is just false and wrong.

Lowry never said the statement was false--he agreed that Cheney said it! (Indeed, Mr Cheney made the statement in question as part of a Q&A session with voters six days before the GOP convention.) But deborah doesn’t want you to know any of that. She wants you to swallow her story that Lowry was calling the Cheney quote itself false. This time, the anti-Fox terrier has crossed the line. Can this falsehood be anything other than a total lie, a blatant lie, a downright lie?

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