Arrogance Means Having to Say You're Sorry

Keith Olbermann takes a swing at Bill O'Reilly, but the sports guy strikes out. It's another embarrassment for MSNBC's pompous know-it-all. Updated!

TVNewser reports that Mr Humility himself, Keith Olbermann, has taken another of his gratuitous shots at Fox's Bill O'Reilly:
O'Reilly "told his audience that on Election Night, at this hour, nine times as many Americans were watching Fox News as were watching MSNBC," Keith Olbermann explained. "Actually, they had seven and a half million viewers at 8 Eastern last Tuesday, and we had 2.6. That wouldn't be nine times as many...that would be less than three times as many." And the punchline: "Too bad Billy isn't as good with a calculator -- or a brain -- as he is with a loofah."

Ouch. Another stinging rebuke from MSNBC's Man of the People. It appears that Keith got his information from this earlier TVNewser piece:
On election night, "nine times as many Americans watched us than MSNBC," O'Reilly said late last week. "That plurality has never been seen before in the history in network news...With respect to our colleages at that other place, they're as arrogant as they get."

But is that what Mr O'Reilly said? Let's go to the tivo, to Bill's interview with Bernard Goldberg (author of Arrogance), part of The O'Reilly Factor of Thursday, November 4:

O'REILLY: Fox News Channel is up against CNN and MSNBC, all right? Last night, on the Fox News Channel, at 8 o'clock, the Factor time, nine times as many Americans watched us as MSNBC. Nine times. That plurality has never been seen before in the history of network news. And it's because we're trying to look out for the folks. And with all due respect to our colleagues over at that other place, they're as arrogant as they get.

Watch it for yourself [QuickTime video clip]:

This interview was on the Thursday November 4 O'Reilly Factor. Mr Bill referred to "last night", which means not election night, but Wednesday night. And what were the ratings for Wednesday night, Nov 3? TVNewser has the stats:
THE O'REILLY FACTOR: 5,400,000 viewers

That sure looks like nine to one.

We can't wait for Mr Olbermann's retraction and apology.

Update: Here is the roster of guests showing Bernard Goldberg on Thursday, Nov 4. And here is our follow-up to this article.

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November 12, 2004, 9:16:50 AM EST – Like

Thank you, Mr. Dollar, for once again proving that cable news channels -- CNN, MSNBC, and FNC are no exceptions -- are more about spectacle and less about news. It sure seems that we in the U.S. would prefer to be entertained than informed. If only we could get FNC to have the same ratio of news to spectacle as CNN. Sure seems like Roger Ailes and his subordinates' proportion is approaching zero.
How might you suggest fixing this obvious problem of O'Reilly's high ratings? Would Olbermann's paltry 600,000 viewers switching over actually help O'Reilly? He does have an overwhelming 6,000,000 of 'em. At least, that night he did.
November 16, 2004, 9:15:23 PM EST – Like – Reply