Without a Trace

When the Outfoxed gals aren't fabricating quotes, they're making people disappear. Paging Jack Malone...

Have the newshounds (another fine product from the Outfoxed mob) been smarting from our recent smackdowns? All of a sudden, nancy's daily rundown of Fox News Live has shrunk to a fraction of its usual length. Are they trying to be more careful, or is there something else at work?

The theme of today's entry is that FNC was trying to tout the State of the Union speech, and despite breaking news, did their best to do so:
Here's how they covered Bush's State of the Union (SOU) speech:...[James] Rosen repeated the GOP test phrase "low-risk investment accounts" & said that Scott McClellan commented that Dems are opposing Bush's SocSec plan "sight unseen."

First, he didn't repeat the phrase, he said it once:

ROSEN: Tonight the President will make what an aide calls a bold step forward in the debate explaining his plan to allow younger workers to steer portions of their payroll taxes into low-risk investment accounts.

And then he went on to quote Scott McClellan, right? Err, not exactly:

ROSEN: Democrats oppose the idea, saying social security's finances are solid for decades to come, that the Bush plan will support benefits for younger workers by up to 46%, and that democratic lawmakers in any case have the votes to block the proposal. This morning White House secretary Scott McClellan commented...

Whoa! Nancy, what happened to all that talk about the Democrat position on Social Security? How did that vanish without a trace? First nancy says "this is how they covered" it, and then omits the part of Rosen's report where he is being fair and balanced?!?

Nancy turns her attention to an interview with Bill Kristol, and slips into rewording and misquoting once again:
Quinn asked whether what the Dems are doing is "politics as usual" or "obstructionist" & Kristol said it was more just politics, but he also noted that a lot of GOPs are "uneasy" about it.

Not what Kristol said:

KRISTOL: Well, it's politics and it's his real public policy.
Quinn noted that "the President can be persuasive"

Not exactly what Quinn said, and for that matter, another phony bit of imputation:

QUINN: You mentioned that Presidents can be persuasive...

At this point, nancy's thorough rundown claims:
11:40am - teasers included: preview of SOU
11:45am - Quinn plugged Fox coverage of the SOU

Actually, the second plug was at 11:46 am, but what happened in between those times? Nancy doesn't tell you, but we will: an interview with Marc Ginsberg, who was foreign policy advisor to Sen Kennedy.

Why is Ambassador Ginsberg the invisible man in nancy's report? Could it be because the interview, concerning Iraq, didn't fit the theme of the day that FNC was touting tonight's speech? Works for us. Plus, the fact that he is a Democrat and balances Kristol's interview means you can hide that from the readers as well. A twofer! (Nancy also doesn't tell her readers that Peter Mirijanian, whose interview she did deign to mention, worked on two Clinton Presidential campaigns.)

Nancy's "report" continues:
12:14pm - teasers included an upcoming interview with "former White House speechwriters"

And then...it stops. For some reason, this particular FNL rundown covers less than 75 minutes of the program. How odd. Why would this be? What came after those 12:14 pm teasers anyhow? Nancy doesn't tell you, but we will: an interview with Roy Neill and Kirsten Powers.

We wondered how nancy would deal with this, and now we know--she pretended it didn't happen! But why? Could it be because this segment also did not fit the frame of "touting" the upcoming speech, since it was all about Howard Dean and the DNC (as was the following segment with Major Garrett)? Or perhaps because Mr Neill (CEO of Dean for President) and Ms Powers are both well known Democrat strategists, and the curs must at all costs preserve the illusion that Fox doesn't give air time to Democrats?

In the course of just one article, the tail-waggers use their powers to make three people completely disappear--along with an entire chunk of text from James Rosen's report. The hounds would rather deceive their readers than admit to anything that doesn't fit their agenda. That may not be news, but that too is reality.

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