Mad Dogs and Boy Toys

The latest flood of confusion, dishonesty, and lies from the Outfoxed gals will have you wondering if someone spiked their Alpo. With J$P Video!

Another week has passed, and we're overdue for a visit to the kennel, home of the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate). Like all Fox haters, they will say just about anything to smear FNC, even if it leads them down labyrinthine corridors of demented illogic.

Take, for example, newsmutt Melanie. She is convinced that Neil Cavuto has covert ways to "trash" Democrats who appear on his program. Watch in amazement as her paranoia uncovers a secret plot rivaled in its intricacy only by the DaVinci Code:
Fox Trashes Another Clueless Democrat....
Neil Cavuto blew Tom Harkin (D-IA) out of the water today and I'd be willing to bet my sweet bippy that Harkin has no idea what happened...."I remember when you, in the earlier Iowa caucus, ah, decided to back Senator Kerry....What is the relationship with you and Senator Kerry now? I know a lot of water has crossed under that bridge."...As soon as Cavuto reminded his viewers that Tom Harkin endorsed Howard Dean, and as soon as Harkin said he has a "great deal of friendship and respect" for Kerry, his credibility went out the window. He became one of them.

Got that? When Democrats are friends with other Democrats, that's a Fox trick to "trash" them. Don't try to make sense of it. It's hound logic at its "best". But Melanie isn't through yet. There is yet another devious Cavuto tactic that she is ready to expose:
Marvin Kalb: Read This (Fox Stabbed you in the Back)
Former CBS News correspondent Marvin Kalb was a guest on Fox's Saturday "business news" program, Cavuto on Business....However, don't think for a minute that Cavuto lets the words of a "liberal" guest stand. No siree. If he doesn't annihilate the person during the interview, he stabs them in the back after they leave....No "liberal" voice goes unanswered. Fox doesn't want its viewers to ponder anything a "liberal" says so it discredits "liberals" either during interviews, or afterward.

Wow, what did Cavuto do to "annihilate" Mr Kalb? How exactly did he "stab him in the back"? Did he call him names? Did he say he was all wet? Err, no. Well, then, what? Pepare yourself for a shock--during his nightly "mailing it in" segment, Cavuto actually read viewer emails. And--this is really beyond the pale--some of them were critical of Mr Kalb! Horrors! What evil!

Oddly enough, when Cavuto had Bo Dietl on, and Melanie railed against interviewing the "thug-like" former cop, what do you suppose happened the next day? Amazingly enough, Cavuto read viewer emails, and some of them were critical of Mr Dietl:

We've searched the hound kennel far and wide and could not find Melanie's article where she complains that Cavuto stabbed Mr Dietl in the back and "annihilated" him. How was it that she missed this sneaky Cavuto ploy to diss his guests?

Note: it would be a pretty neat trick for Fox to be stabbing Mr Kalb in the back, because Kalb works for Fox News! That slight fact seems to have escaped Melanie's notice, even though he was introduced by Cavuto as a "Fox News Contributor". Could it be that Melanie didn't even watch the program in question? We report, you decide.

When it became clear that Melanie had been clueless as to Mr Kalb's status at the channel, she posted a new version of her "report", and this time gave it a headline even more demeaning and insulting to Mr Kalb than the previous version:
Marvin Kalb (Fox's "Liberal" Boy Toy): Read This

But someone (perhaps moneybags Gilliam?) realized that Mel had gone off the deep end again, and the headline underwent yet another change of wording:
Marvin Kalb: Read This

We wonder if the next version will simply say: Marvin Kalb: We Apologize. Not likely. No apology is expected from newspoodle chrish either, although one is certainly deserved for this HeadLie:
Loss of privacy - get used to it
There was a recurring theme on The Big Story today 7/26/05, and it seems to be that loss of privacy rights is inevitable in order to support the so-called war on terror.

Chrish then lays out her case that Fox is pushing for diminished privacy rights, by quoting from an interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC's Senior Judicial Analyst. Read closely here to detect the anti-privacy propaganda:

NAPOLITANO: The law says the police cannot stop you, cannot look inside your clothing or your bags, unless they have some suspicion about you, not some general suspicion but suspicion about the person they stopped.... [Random searches] might eliminate allegations of racial profiling, but it wouldn't eliminate the violation of privacy, which the Constitution preserves....this is an ineffective way to stop people. When the police are looking in a bag their eyes are not on others who are around the train who might do damage. If someone is crazy enough to kill himself in order to blow up a bomb in a subway, he's going to find a way to get around showing his bag to the police.

OK class, a genuine no-prize to whoever can point out where the Judge is advocating fewer privacy rights.

But when foggy illogic and dishonest headlines just aren't enough, the curs can always rely on an old standby: the plain, unvarnished, outright lie. For example, newbie Donna finds that just whining about live coverage of a fire isn't provocative enough (perhaps because three other news channels were covering it as well, a fact she doesn't mention). So toss in another gratuitous slam:
The substitute host (who's [sic] name was never given and I had never seen before - oh, Fox and their professionalism -- no it wasn't Rick Folbaum or Greg Kelly or Jane Skinner)...

It's reckless fabrications like this one that have made the kook kennel home of the whopper. Here is the Mystery Host [QuickTime video clip]:

Donna says his name was never given. Well it wasn't, except for the times when he said it. Caught again. As is deceitful deborah, once more inventing quotes to make her pointless points:
Bill O'Reilly announced tonight that he will be exposing and naming all the people and organizations he considers to be helping the terrorists on his show each night.

And when the next Factor aired without such a segment, the deceitful one was quick to pounce:
What Happened To Bill O'Reilly's "Terrorist Helper" Campaign?
Guess Bill O'Reilly gave up his big plan to make a nightly announcement of the people and organizations he percieves [sic] as "helpers of the terrorists".

Naturally, this was enough to convince the gullible:
Oh, and I guess he LIED about his terrorist helper campaign. No shock there. Posted by: Scarlet

Our regular readers, once they see deborah's name, know where this is going. You can see Bill O'Reilly's announcement for yourself and we invite you to scour it for any mention whatsoever that it was going to be a "nightly announcement". Where did deborah get that idea from? She made it up! An entire article based on a lie: a debbie specialty.

Finally, we turn again to Melanie, whose capacity to place paw in mouth never ceases to amaze. Noting a report that the administration is abandoning the term "War on Terror", she couldn't wait to post this gem of analysis:
Bush Abandons "War on Terror" Slogan. Fox Will Too (Watch).
I predict the "War on Terror" banner will disappear from Fox um, oh, Thursday at the latest.

What is today? Oh, it's Thursday. Time to check in on Mel's prognostication. What did we find on FNC today?

Sometimes it's just too easy.

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Right, they watch FOX but they don't know Trace Gallagher? With all the whining they did about the MJ trial, you'd think they might have seen the reporter who did the majority of their on-scene coverage at least once, wouldn't you? Especially if Donna's assigned beat is Studio B, where Trace has appeared hundreds of times, and Shep has mentioned his name even when he hasn't appeared.
July 29, 2005, 8:35:13 AM EDT – Like – Reply

On Cavuto on Business, Marvin Kalb was completely outclassed by Ben Stein. Kalb kept insisting that whether it is a Democrat or Republican President, there is no difference in media coverage about the economy. Which gave Ben Stein the opening to display his usual brilliance:
"It's very simple, if the economy is in good shape under Bill Clinton, it's a new Golden Age. If the economy is in far better shape under a Republican, the economy is struggling and uneven."
July 29, 2005, 12:08:52 PM EDT – Like – Reply