Slinging Bull

The gals from Outfoxed paint a damning picture, but leave out half the colors.

What is a lie? Semanticists tell us that there are three basic varieties: contradict the truth, tell only part of the truth, and tell the truth unconvincingly. The newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob) are on the record as opposing lies (even as they are on the record telling them!), including the sneaky “lie of omission”:
Taking something out of context is always handy when you want it to appear as something it's not. That's a lie of omission.

Defined more formally, in a lie of omission, everything said is true. It is the fact that important information is left out that makes this a lie. The newspups admit that they find this tactic “handy”, and their latest bit of mendacity is proof:
Is John Kerry a Nuisance to the Stock Market?...Bulls & Bears host Brenda Buttner opened the show with that "fair and balanced" question followed by "Is Wall Street worried that Kerry would be soft on terrorism?"...Some of the comments from the roundtable were:
"(To Kerry), the way you build America is to take the most successful people, take their income down and give it to people less successful."
"He’s ashamed of being rich, he’s probably never made $200,000." At that point, Buttner butted in with, "Well, he married..."
"The man is not pro-market and that is the absolute nuisance to the stock market."

A pretty damning montage of quotes, but the anti-Fox terriers are being just a bit selective in their “reporting”.

The three comments cherry-picked from this roundtable discussion represent only two of the panel of five participating (six if you include the moderator). Given that this fast-paced segment ran from the top of the show until 10:09 am, with many varied observations and viewpoints, why do the pups only give us quotes from two of the guests? This wouldn’t be one of those “handy” lies of omission, would it?

What did others on the panel have to say? The pooches won’t tell you, but we will:

I can’t imagine that a soon-to-be President would ever worry about not covering that side of the equation [terrorism]. I think it’s taken out of context completely.
Kerry is thinking about repealing that 3% tax credit to the top 3% of the equation and there’s a lot of fat cats out there on Wall Street.
And George Bush doesn’t pander to the wealthy?
Neither one has said anything about lowering the deficit. Neither one has any plans to reform medicare or social security. If anything, Kerry is a little bit less of a nuisance, because at least he admits if you’re going to spend money, you have to raise it from somewhere.

Somehow none of this made it into the newspoodles’ “report”. But this did:
It's a rule-of-thumb on the FOX financial shows that when the market goes down, it's because Wall Street is worried about having John Kerry as president.

One would think that the doggies wouldn’t make that statement without having evidence to support it, however none of the three quotes they cite makes this particular point. But there was a comment that directly addressed the issue during the roundtable, a comment unaccountably omitted from the newshounds “report”:

Wall Street did like what Kerry said, because he was the strongest one, obviously, in that debate, and the market was up over 100 points that day.

Hmm, that doesn’t exactly support the curs’ contention, does it? Well, then leave it out. Don’t mention it. No one will notice. Another lie of omission. They're so “handy”.

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