A Very NewsHound Christmas

The Outfoxed gals have a special holiday greeting for those who help wounded soldiers and the families of the fallen: Bah, humbug!

It's the season of generosity, of giving, of good will to men. That is, unless you are one of the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal). Because for them, Christmas is a golden opportunity to play Grinch to all those misguided Americans who stupidly think supporting our fighting men overseas is a good thing.

Newspoodle Melanie is in high dudgeon over the FNC Christmas Special, A Christmas Tribute to the Troops:
The point of this post is not to disparage honoring our troops...

...but to talk about Linda Vester's involvement in the "special." On the December 3, 2004 Dayside w/Linda Vester program, Lt. General "Buster" Hagenbeck, the US Army's Personnel Chief, hung a metal around Vester's neck and proclaimed: "About two years ago Linda was submitted for recognition in The Infantry Society...She's done extraordinary things for our army and in particular, for our soldiers and infantrymen..."

Linda Vester has gone out to meet returning troops, done stories on support groups for the families of the fallen, has helped to publicize and collect contributions for organizations that help wounded soldiers, and much more. This is the kind of activity that one would expect Melanie to applaud, not criticize--if Melanie did, in fact, support the troops.
On December 13, 2004, I noted a heavy military emphasis on that day's Dayside w/Linda Vester...

Too much military coverage that day? How odd. Because just a few days earlier, Melanie was complaining that Dayside didn't have enough military coverage, specifically the armor issue. What did Dayside cover on December 13 that Melanie found so inappropriate? Her own words:
1:05 p.m. ET [interview with] Brian and Alma Hart, whose son, Pvt. 1st Class John Hart was killed in Iraq and who are now lobbying for more armor for vehicles.

Say what? When one day's show didn't harp on the armor controversy, Melanie was all up in arms. Now she cites coverage of the selfsame issue as excessive?
Linda Vester has a degree in journalism and seems to think of herself as a journalist.

The snide arrogance of that sentence is only magnified when one realizes how cavalierly Melanie has minimized Vester's curriculum vitae. For example:
  • Correspondent and anchor for NBC News, 1992-1998
  • Speaks three languages (including fluent Arabic)
  • Magna cum Laude degree in Journalism
  • Honors graduate, The Sorbonne
  • Fulbright scholar of Middle-East Affairs

Perhaps these and other accomplishments are why she "seems to think of herself as a journalist". As opposed to a political hack who seems to think of herself as a media critic.
it looks like Vester is becoming a voice for the United States military. She appears to have forgotten her training, and her duty to be impartial.

"Looks like"? "Appears"? Can you vague that up a little? How about some examples? Well, Melanie did cite that previous show where Vester interviewed the parents of a man killed in Iraq because of inadequate armor. Does this constitute "becoming a voice for the US military"? That's Melanie's evidence?

It must be, because, even though Melanie's article is ostensibly about the FNC special, she comes up a little short in the evidence department. How many items in this broadcast does Melanie cite to back up her opinion? Not one! Zero. Zip. Nada. In fact, there is nothing whatsoever in her article about any of the content of the special. Dare we suggest that maybe, perhaps, it could be that Melanie didn't even watch it? It's not like reviewing a program without seeing it is anything new for the tail-waggers.
If Vester hopes to be thought of as a journalist, it seems to me she's got some work to do.

A colossal piece of egocentric conceit, from someone who objects to supporting soldiers and their families, who changes positions 180 degrees just to concoct a phony complaint, and who herself probably couldn't find The Sorbonne with a map, let alone graduate with honors. The ultimate insult: Melanie couldn't even wait one day to post her diatribe; it just had to go up on December 25. Perhaps, like another newspooch, she finds all that "birth of Christ" business to be just so much "nonsense".

This is Melanie's Christmas present to the troops, and to the volunteers and support organizations profiled in the FNC special, not one of which she could be bothered even to acknowledge, let alone compliment. Shameful.

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