'Why Are They Lecturing Us?'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge discusses the inauguration, Jesse Jackson, and more.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, January 16 2005:

Democrats are running out of town because they can't deal with the inauguration. Kerry's campaign person is going to South Beach; another is quoted in one of the newspapers tomorrow to say that she's going to a spa to wrap herself up in mud, down in Belize. Why don't you go down to one of the soup kitchens? It's cold out there.

They've moved off the Ohio recount--except we hear reports Keith Olbermann is still there counting--and they've focused in on the cost of the inauguration. Just to put this into perspective, the 40 to 60 million dollars that they're spending, do you know how much the cost of the movie Polar Express was? 160 million dollars. You could fit four inaugurations into just the cost of The Polar Express. All of the wild Dems making all these accusations that the Republicans are spending so much, oh how horrible this is, and there's blood in the streets and homeless and all the rest. And a lot of these people are Hollywood folks pointing the fingers. You can almost hear Annette Benning backstage saying, the Bush inauguration is spending too much money, where's my limousine?

ABC World News Tonight led with this story tonight, complaining about the inauguration. Do we really want to go into how much Peter Jennings is making? And Katie Couric signed a 200 million dollar agreement to stay at the Today Show. That would be five inaugurals total--what Katie Couric gets paid. It would not take long just to come up with the salaries at ABC News to cover the cost of one inaugural. So don't start crying that oh, this is outrageous, when to make The Aviator cost three times the amount of the inauguration. Meet the Fockers cost twice as much as the inaugural. Who are these people pointing fingers at? Who are these people preaching at? Why are they lecturing us, when they are paying their stars as much as it costs to put on the inauguration for the entire country? How is this a story? Who is falling for this except for some disgruntled Bush-haters who cannot book a room in South Beach because it is already too crowded?

What are we supposed to do on Thursday, dress in rags, ride bicycles, and eat McDonald's cheeseburgers? Why all of a sudden is this an issue? They spend trillions of dollars in Washington, but it's the sore losers, the Bush-haters, who will be off in Belize, getting mud treatments, who are raising stink. If it were any other party, i.e. the Democrats, you know they wouldn't be saying a word. You know Hillary would be serving peach cake on gold plates as she did back in the day, as Oklahoma City was blowing up, you had Waco on fire, little boys being taken from their home at gunpoint, back in the wonderful Clinton era when everything was so calm and beautiful. When Dr Coop was worth ten million dollars and everyone thought it was a great economy.

The people saying the inauguration costs too much money are the very people who are spending 140 million dollars--that's almost four inaugurals--just to make this one ridiculous Jim Carrey movie down at Paramount that Sherry Lansing lost her job over. Even Spanglish with Adam Sandler--80 million dollars to make. How much did Troy make versus what it cost? How much did Brad Pitt blow that could have been spent to feed the hungry? Endless patronizing and simple-minded thoughts. You need some better issues, Democrats. In a country as great as ours, why would we not put on a big event for the swearing in of a President? These people are saying oh, how dare Laura Bush? She's going to be dressed up in evening gowns while soldiers are dying. These people have completely lost their minds. They dressed up in evening clothes tonight at the Golden Globes for their stink films, as soldiers are dying. That's the logic there on Baloney Boulevard.

Jesse Jackson is saying Martin Luther King would have been disgusted with the Iraq War. Who knows? Is he communicating with him from beyond the grave? Is that what Jesse Jackson is telling us now? For all we know Dr King would have been a Republican. How could you possibly know? For all we know he would have been best friends with Clarence Thomas and Condoleeza Rice, Reverend Jackson. For all we know. Oh that's right, you were there.

One Dr Michael Savage trashed yours truly on his radio show because I don't post his ratings on The Drudge Report. Now why would Drudge, read by millions of people worldwide, read by every media insider there is--including people who go up and down the column reading every news flash on their air, calling themselves Savage--why would I post a flash headline that somebody is finishing in 13th place with a 2.8 share? Nobody cares about people who finish in 13th place in this business. Entertaining yes; number one, no. So get off my back sir, please, and no more reading Drudge Report; you are now officially banned. Let's see you do your show without reading Drudge; let's see it for one hour. I didn't start this, but I'm going to finish it.


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Bravo to Drudge for finally putting Savage in his place!
January 17, 2005, 12:55:02 PM EST – Like – Reply

I listen to Savage once in awhile..I've noticed the guy loves his own opinions. Nontheless he contradicts himself fairly often...I've come to the conclusion, thats when you can tell he loves two of his opinions equally.
January 19, 2005, 4:47:05 AM EST – Like – Reply

What? Peach cake on gold plates while Waco burned? I was pretty happy with how Waco went down. Those freaks were horkin little kids and kidnapping ex members of their cult and taking them back to Waco. I danced while Waco burned, but I'd've rather had peach cake. I'm mad Hillary didn't invite me. 
And little boys taken from their homes at gunpoint? Ummm, Elian Gonzales was a kidnap victim rescued from a distant relative who didn't even know he existed, and was holding him hostage. I cheered when I saw how they rescued that poor little boy from those freaks, and returned him to his parent. I'll love Janet Reno forever, man, that woman's got a brass pair.
I didn't pay any attention to the inauguration so I didn't know there was a debate raging abou the cost of it. No I understand why the right-wing x-tian nutjob I work with was muttering about how much Clinton's inauguration costed. Who cares if the inauguration costs forty million? It's the President's big
January 31, 2005, 5:02:05 PM EST – Like – Reply

CONTINUED It's the President's big day and the country's big day. It's worth that much and more. Of course with all that gestapo security they were running it costed a whomp of alot more than forty million. 
Say what you want about Clinton, but he could and did walk right into any crowd to greet citizens. 
Oh man Matthew Drudge and Michael Savage are having a little squabble? This should be rich. I hope it escalates to all out war. It's gonna be hilarious. What an equally matched pair for a good knock down drag out fight.
January 31, 2005, 5:04:15 PM EST – Like – Reply