Iraq, The Vote: 'What Kind of Craziness Is This?'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge on the Iraqi elections, Dan Rather, and Meet the Press.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, January 30 2005:

This is one of those nightmare nights for the Democrats. What are they going say? Are they going to say "Congratulations, President Bush"? They can't put their hatred of Bush aside. They have nothing to say. Kerry goes on Meet the Press and says, "No one should try to over-hype this election." As if we haven't had over-hyped bad news for how many months: how terrible this election was going to be, and the blood is going to flow, and order more body bags, and everything. What do you think Kerry would have done if it had not gone well? He would have hyped it.

Kerry's timing couldn't have been worse. It was a gamble; it could have gone either way. Say it was a horrible day and all those prophecies of Christiane Amanpour had come true. Kerry would have been in the catbird's seat on Meet the Press, well coifed, well tanned in the end of late January. He would have been in the perfect position to say I told you so. Unfortunately it went the other way. He rolled the dice, it came up snake-eyes, and all he's left with is, don't over-hype it.

The most startling aspect of the broadcast: Russert asked Kerry:

RUSSERT: Do you believe that Iraq is less a terrorist threat to the United States now than it was two years ago?
KERRY: No, it's more.

That's no surprise; that's been the Dean mantra for some time now. But two minutes later, very sneaky, Russert returned to the same question:

RUSSERT: Is the United States safer with the newly-elected Iraqi government than we would have been with Saddam Hussein?
KERRY: Sure.

Oh. My. God. I know all the beds are full in the mental wards, but somebody has escaped. What kind of madness is that? At one point he says it's more dangerous, and then he says, no we're safer without Saddam Hussein. What kind of craziness is this? This is a candidate who is not living in any reality we know of. No wonder Soros is out there in Davos, smearing the heck out of Kerry, saying he was a lousy candidate, he was never clear what he stood for. Finally Soros speaks the truth. Why didn't he say this before the election? Of course we knew all this, but only after losing can they confess. Are we so far gone that this is tolerated, this is accepted? The Democrats deserve better. But they are going to fix this; Dean to the rescue.

When you watched CNN today, every time a firecracker went off in Iraq, CNN interrupted, breathless, like tsunami part two. A bomb has gone off here! A bomb has gone off there! Someone sneezed! On and on they went, hoping it was the big one. And Christiane Amanpour dressed in her black again. And poor old Dan Rather, having to declare the Iraqi elections a success, just a week after having to watch Bush sworn in. He is deteriorating on the scene; we are seeing a complete deterioration. This will be an example, at media courses for future generations, of staying too long at the table. Jerry Seinfeld said, I always wanted to go out at the top. Dan Rather is the exact end result of not doing what Jerry Seinfeld did--staying too long. And now to see this, this horrifying development of successful Iraqi elections, it's just too much for good old Dan. This is the longest goodbye. He is limping to the finish line there at the fishbowl when he finally says goodnight. And then what, they rush him over to 60 Minutes to keep going?


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