Cyber-Aid for Tsunami Bloggers

J$P Extra! Media Bloggers Association launches Tsunami Video Hosting Initiative

The Media Bloggers Association, in partnership with Zubr Communications, today launched the Tsunami Video Hosting Initiative, a public service offered in response to concerns over bandwidth issues facing bloggers, who are doing a tremendous public service by providing video of the tsunami to the world.

The Tsunami Video Hosting Initiative is a "distributed content-broker" system that matches web hosts willing to donate server space and bandwidth with bloggers and other Tsunami video sources looking to defray their cost of hosting Tsunami video. ZubrCom has led the way by donating its services in development of the content-broker system as well as server space and transfer capacity.

Robert Cox of the Media Bloggers Association explains: "When the word went out that bloggers needed help dealing with the high cost of bandwidth from hosting Tsunami video, the MBA saw an opportunity to fulfill its mission by supporting citizen's media and hyperlocal news reporting by bloggers. Rather than leave it to bloggers to beg for cost reductions from their ISPs, the MBA is matching willing ISPs with willing bloggers and other video sources."

Web Hosts can donate specified amounts of storage and bandwidth. All donors will receive a mention on the Tsunami Video Hosting Initiative home page.

"When a request for a video arrives, the content-broker matches it with a list of those willing to provide the video, keeping track of usage," says Alex Yuriev, CTO of Zubr Communications. "When the usage exceeds the contributor's donation, content-broker stops using that path. A client code had been written for contributors to validate requests against the quotas that we maintain to prevent unauthorized hotlinking so bandwidth does not go out of control. Ideally, hosts would let us run Perl CGI to prevent hotlinking."

Bloggers or other video sources with questions can get more information here, or e-mail Robert Cox of the Media Bloggers Association at

Network providers, web hosting companies, and those who would like to donate server space and transfer capacity can get more information here, or e-mail Alex Yuriev of Zubr Communications at

For more information, please visit the Tsunami Video Hosting Initiative home page.

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