Missing Links

A trio of interesting articles from a pro-FNC point of view? The links they don't want you to see.

Does it strike you as passing strange that some websites are willing to post all kinds of favorable links about the Outfoxed video, but certain articles that may be more critical are not acknowledged? Are there never positive pieces about Fox News that are worth a reader's time?

Let's consider first the little video given so much free publicity that the need for advertising it has been rendered moot. Not all those who have reviewed it are as gullible as its producers would like. For example, Brent Bozell, President of the Media Research Center, in The Fox-haters' Upside-Down World, concludes that Outfoxed is "shoddy" and "dishonest":

If conservatives ever tried to make a documentary about the liberal media this amateurish, it would either never be mentioned, or it would be pounded until it was flat as a pancake, and deservedly so.

Critic Gary Arnold was also unimpressed. His Washington Times review, Outfoxed Neither Fair nor Balanced, gives the film a measly one-and-a-half stars:

Mr. Greenwald professes to be shocked at the very idea of echo-chamber effects when commentary on the Fox network appears to be in lockstep with administration policies. Evidently, he's oblivious when the competition displays a funny, ongoing tendency to echo Democratic Party cliches and talking points in any given campaign week.

Finally, one would think an article in the Village Voice that has something good to say about Fox News would at least raise some eyebrows. Nat Hentoff's lengthy, well-reasoned column on Judge Andrew Napolitano, entitled Fierce Watchdog of the Constitution, is just that:

The judge is like the late Supreme Court justice William O. Douglas, in that no footnotes are needed when hearing or reading him. He speaks with uncluttered, precisely knowledgeable passion. But how did he become the most insistent paladin of individual liberties and rights in the news media?

interesting reading? We think so, even if others didn't.

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