'Trapped in the Bushworld Mental Ward'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge comments on MSNBC, the Clinton library, Maureen Dowd, and more.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, Nov 14 2004:

The President of the Associated Press just announced the internet is the future of news. We've been doing this for ten years, and they just woke up to that? The networks don’t have the power any more. By the time they put on their Howdy Doody makeup, and Olbermann puts on his hair, it’s all old and moldy. They are still doing Ohio recounts over at MSNBC. How pathetic. I have a remedy for MSNBC in this post-election, post-Peterson world. Why don’t they just rename it the Michael Jackson channel? That’s going to be the trial of all trials. That could get you at least a .4, Jeff Zucker. And Chris Matthews on Hardball is already handicapping 2008, and putting two shells and a pea and McCain and Hillary--how is that going to play for the next four years? Are these people serious? Why don’t they just show a test pattern? Why don’t they go back to National Geographic and animals fornicating?

An emailer reports that during the Oklahoma-Nebraska football game Saturday, a PA introduction of Sen David Boren and Tom Brokaw was met by a loud amount of booing by the 80,000+ crowd. Now they’re booing legacy anchormen, geezers. Tom Brokaw probably thinks no one perceives the networks as being the biased entities they are. Brokaw can’t stand that the little people have access to email and phones and can slam 30 Rock. That isn’t the way it used to be--we used to bow and kiss the rings of the Chancellors and the Mudds. They always boo politicians, that’s what we do. But now that we boo our media players, that shows the changing of the guard.

I have been told that the feds plan to use tiny radio antennas on medicine bottles. The FDA and major drug makers are expected to announce this Monday at 11:00 am. In a free country, a country that loves liberty and privacy, do we want the feds monitoring anything like this? Orwell missed it just by 20 years.

University Presidents often earn over $500,000 a years; some earn close to a million dollars a year. This is coming in the annual survey of the Chronicle of Higher Education. 42 Presidents were paid $500,000 or more (up from 27 the year before). At least 5 other University Presidents have earned $800,000 a year. What does that have to do with education? Is that what Donna Shalala is making at the University of Miami?

Some people are digging in, and digging in deep, the Fahrenheit 9/11 and a half crowd. The notion that let’s celebrate a democracy and an election without too much violence, that is not part of the recipe for some of these people. Folks like Jeanine Garafalo, she just puts up with democracy, she doesn’t quite like it. She says being a Republican isn’t an opinion, it’s a character flaw. She’s digging in her combat boots. There’s plenty of room in the rest of the world if you want to move around, Jeanine. No, we’ve got to smear those who voted. Maureen Dowd, she’s still at it--she is trapped in the Bushworld mental ward. We can give her some of those meds with the little antennas on them. We’ll see if you’re taking them, Maureen.

The Clinton library is opening. Hallelujah! What are they going to have at the Lewinsky exhibit? Will the dress be there? Are they going to have a Juanita, a Kathleen, the stewardess? Maybe they’ll have the canceled check they used to pay off Paula Jones. We spent $165 million on the museum; I guess there are no poor people left in the world. And I’m sure every dollar went to the building.


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