'Leaks and Sneaks from the U.N.'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge on Joe Lockhart, the New York Times, Chelsea Clinton, and more.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, October 31 2004:

Only 41 people turned out for Chelsea Clinton’s first public political speech, which is three more than heard Rosie O’Donnell the week before. And nine people walked away. Finally she speaks and no one was there to see it. Chelsea declared things were safer in America when her Dad was President. Is she out of her mind? We’re talking about Waco, we’re talking about the Oklahoma City bombing, the raids with Elian Gonzalez--Chelsea snap out of it. Yeah, we miss those golden days of federal buildings blowing up, we really do. Don’t put Chelsea’s name on the ballot just yet.

Did you see Walter Cronkite over at CNN saying Karl Rove is responsible for the Bin Laden tape? He was somewhat smiling when he said it. So if Bush wins, they’ll say it was the Bin Laden tape, not policy, not taxes, not abortions, none of it. And Helen Thomas: “Bush win would mean dark times...the world will see his victory as an affirmation by the American people of his disastrous international policy”. Helen Thomas just cries herself to sleep every night now that those women get a chance to vote in Afghanistan and Iraq. We’ve got to put a little plastic over the mattress just in case--the bladder, you know.

The New York Times tomorrow has their last poll, and they headline it “Divided Electorate Expresses Anxiety and Concern”. They can’t write it straight, because they show Bush up by three. The Times is quoting an “independent voter” saying she is so worried the Republicans are going to win reelection that she is on the verge of a heart attack. I think it’s more the New York Times’s anxiety, because it’s four more years of no sources, everything’s dried up, only leaks from the UN. Like Christiane Amanpour at the start of the Iraq War on CNN was quoting Iraq military because she had no American sources, because her hubby who used to be at the State Department was no longer there. That’s what the New York Times has been reduced to, leaks and sneaks from the UN.

Did we get one investigative piece on John Kerry from 60 Minutes this year? Not one! I guess he’s lily white, there’s not a stain to be found. Can you see their faces if Bush wins? The faces on the Big Media? I wonder if Dan Rather will be waving those documents around. They’ve all showed their cards this week. 60 Minutes tonight still trying to the end. This is the objectivity that David Westin was talking about? It took the internet for ABC News to be shamed into airing a terror tape that they were hiding, sitting on. Embarrassing.

Joe Lockhart, asked about whether Kerry’s poll included questions about the Bin Laden video, said we don’t talk about our internal polls. Well Joe, check the US Newswire, the official press release, paid for by Kerry/Edwards, where you have thousands of words outlining the discussion on their internal poll about Bin Laden’s terror tape. That’s leadership for you. Is Lockhart going to be the White House press spokesman again? Are we going back to the nightmare of the 90s? Was there a dribble on the dress or was there a cigar? Joe Lockhart returns from the dead. You talk about a Halloween surprise, you talk about a House of Horror? Joe Lockhart back at the White House.

The day after the election, let’s say Bush wins enough to satisfy those who think they screwed up on the touch screens. Do you think they continue the anti-Bush rhetoric? What did Richard Dreyfuss threaten, that they’re going to start an impeachment process? I don’t know how Richard Dreyfuss knows, what is he now an elected official out there on the coast? They’re going to start impeachment proceedings based on faulty intelligence that the Senate has oversight on? That’s going to be pretty. Oh, impeachment proceedings over Halliburton. They just keep regurgitating these things. Every conservative administration has to have a scandal. That’ll give them something above a 0.1 over at MSNBC. Not that we’re talking about the no-bid contracts under the Clinton administration that Halliburton got. Bring Madeline Albright in, in her blister red St John outfit.

And Wednesday is the first day of John McCain campaigning. Get ready for that mess. He’ll be right there at 400 N Capital where they have C-SPAN, MSNBC, and Fox; you just have to go floor to floor, Sen McCain.

I’ve been staying away from this O’Reilly thing because I can’t tell who’s doing what. I heard that she’s having lunches with Al Franken before filing this, and she never complained, and she’s in debt. I do think there are some fantastic people on television, but I don’t watch them for enlightenment. It’s all done with Klieg lights, makeup, music, and commercials. It’s the vaudeville of our age.


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