'One Candidate Violated the Rules'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge speaks out on Keith Olbermann, P Diddy, the debates, and more.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, October 3 2004:

In some counties in Ohio, the registration count is higher than the estimated population entitled to vote there. While they’re busy playing the Bush debate video of the smirks, this story went into a black hole. In some cases it’s 103%. Now they’re creating people to register. They’re saying it’s because the census was wrong, not because there’s any fraud going on. One county official called the figures “bizarre”, one state official called them “troubling”. They’re saying motor voter bill and that more people have come into the county, but to have that you’d have to have every single person registered to vote. A little disturbing. Someone wake up Jimmy Carter and call him in to that third-world state known as Ohio; maybe he can fly in with Ruth Bader Ginzburg. In Delaware county and Franklin county they have more people registered to vote than they have residents. More than 90,000 new voter registrations have been processed in Franklin county alone. Make sure to get out and vote three times. But let’s show the smirk.

Brokaw, Jennings, and Rather: they were on the same stage defending Rather. Brokaw accused Republicans of demonizing Dan Rather as part of a “political jihad”. Part of the jihad is ABC News, Tom Brokaw. Has NBC given him his retirement watch yet? This is the longest exit, the longest goodbye. “I don’t have a political agenda”, said Dan Rather. I have a recommendation: they all retire on the same night, preferably tomorrow night.

CNN’s Aaron Brown said he didn’t want to get in the mud on such stories, but he reported on it multiple times. So there’s another one. As long as his teeth are straight and his hair is on, everything’s fine over there with Aaron Brown. And you definitely don’t want to see Keith Olbermann without the hair. Those Playgirl readers who voted him the sexiest man on cable would be literally burning their bras if anyone saw Keith Olbermann without his wig on.

I saw a Kitty Kelley book at the local bookstore here, 60% off. Cheap Kitty. Does anybody want it at 60% off? 70? 80? They printed 700,000 copies; they’re going to be piled up. At least if they run out of oil this winter they’ll make for good fires, keep us warm.

15 billboards have sprung up around Minneapolis-St Paul and its suburbs in the last few days, saying “Don’t Vote”. Several are in areas with large minority populations. The NAACP are being critical, saying it is irresponsible. This is free speech; sorry about that. The billboard company said it is a teaser campaign, and its full meaning will become clear soon. But how dare the NAACP get all hot and bothered about this, while P Diddy is running around with his T-shirt saying “Vote or Die”? Considering we have such a horrendous murder rate in this country, but P Diddy’s running around saying “Vote or Die”. It’s your right not to vote. The NAACP is considering a full-blown press conference to criticize the billboards. Maybe P Diddy will go up there and say, take these down or die. Do they even see their confusion? They sit there and they applaud and they make superstars out of these people but you can’t put up billboards?

Are you scared of the touch screen? Some of the activists are saying that “people of color” are afraid of the touch screens. What a racist remark from a “civil rights activist”. How is that possible? They’ve never used an ATM machine, they’ve never played video poker, right? There are a lot of issues in this campaign, but it’s almost now becoming comedy. They’re just using this as a backup. And if Kerry wins, they will say it’s in spite of all this.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was with Jim Lehrer, sitting there waiting for his next Metamucil serving. I guess I don’t watch enough PBS NewsHour to understand what he was trying to accomplish there. Kerry at one point smiled when the President was addressing Iraq casualties. Why aren’t we seeing that video on Meet the Press? Ghoulish: he looks like he’s wearing a top hat and a cape or something. It’s a very strange look on Kerry’s face with a smile as Bush is talking about casualties. Why isn’t the RNC doing a video montage of this guy who’s getting off on death? The outtakes from the debate may end up being in the Fahrenheit sequel.

Check out this video: I wasn’t as interested in it as I am tonight. About 14 seconds in, John Kerry reaches into his jacket and pulls out something. In the rules and regulations, it was not to be allowed that candidates could bring props, notes, charts, diagrams, or any other tangible things into the debate, unless they were given to the debate team. The staff or commission will place the pencil or papers on the podium. One candidate violated the rules, and we’ve got the video to prove it. I happen to think no matter what he pulls out of his pocket, he’s breaking the rules. Also in the video he’s unwrapping something at the podium. (I am starting to see bogus photoshop photos too, people putting paper in Kerry’s hands--phonies.) I am told that the official response will be that it was his favorite ink pen.

I get very nervous when a candidate who’s auditioning for us, when he’s sitting there like a seal with a ball on his nose for us, he’s sitting there willing to take these shortcuts. I get a little nervous at that, because we give him Executive Privilege and these powers in Washington DC, and I’m not sure he’s going to follow the rules there. They’re going to say it means nothing. How can you say that at this stage when we’re looking at these candidates and the only insights we have are their actions and what comes out of their mouths? We’re left with the rules and they were violated. It's so blatant, to do it in front of 60 million people. It's like flipping us the bird. But let’s show the smirk. That was really important. Someone cheating on the exam, we let that happen every day.

There was a Kerry quote out there: in 1993 Kerry said this, of people living in hurricane zones: "The American taxpayer is picking up the cost of predictable disasters. The American taxpayer is subsidizing people to live by the beach." Aren't they also subsidizing people who live in cold areas, paying for the heating fuels, tax breaks and all the rest? But to single out those poor people who live on the beach, no wonder he didn't go to comfort them. So he had his nails fixed, and his hair, and that orange slop. You could probably peel that one off with a knife.

This is the latest Kerry montage of the flipping and flopping:

KERRY: Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.
KERRY: The threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real.
KERRY: I’ve had one position, one consistent position, that Saddam Hussein was a threat.
KERRY: Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and posed no imminent threat to our security.
KERRY: My position has been consistent: Saddam Hussein is a threat, he needed to be disarmed.
KERRY: Saying there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq doesn’t make it so.
KERRY: Iraq has some lethal and incapacitating agents, and is capable of quickly producing, weaponizing a variety of such agents, including anthrax.
KERRY: Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.
KERRY: I have always said we may yet even find weapons of mass destruction. I don’t know the answer to that.
KERRY: I have said publicly for years that weapons of mass destruction in the hands of Saddam Hussein pose a real and grave threat to our security.

The Kerry supporters don’t care about any of that.


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