'Three Hours of Death'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge comments on Martha Stewart, The Oscars, and more!

From The Drudge Report radio edition, February 27 2005:

Martha Stewart: Martha has a huge compound, and she wanted to expand it. And the zoning board likes to keep control of these things. So Martha petitioned the board and testified: no it won't be for work. But now it turns out she will be working there and is even going to do some taping up there at the compound. She's already cutting corners. She's already slippery. Once again breaking the rules.

Ratings: Nancy Grace over at Headline News managed to pull 300,000 viewers, which is most of MSNBC's whole schedule. They're like wild dogs fighting over scraps. It is not pretty. And NBC: last place in the demo for sweeps. How did that happen? And Fox is number one. ABC, with Housewives, coming in second place. CBS is third with all their CSI programs, and the peacock in last place. Ugly. But don't worry, Martha Stewart's coming. She's going to save them.

Oscars: Chris Rock, coming out of the gate with Bush bashing--why cut off half your audience right there? Comparing the Iraq war with bloody khakis at The Gap--that's progressive, that's going for the young demo. Then for him to bring up The Passion and Fahrenheit 9/11, to reinforce that the movies people are interested in weren't nominated--that's kind of dumb marketing. If Passion and Fahrenheit had both been nominated, tonight would be fireworks. You compare that to Million Dollar Baby or The Aviator, well--it just doesn't feel magical. This is it? This is all they've got going? They should've just kept Beyonce on the stage all night. Are there no other female singers in Hollywood?

You know they're having a bad night when Nicole Kidman isn't there. When did you ever see a show when Nicole Kidman isn't there? When Jack Nicholson isn't there? The Oscars have set themselves up for this slow deterioration of their grandeur. Three hours of death. The irony is, Gil Cates keeps having cameras showing the mezzanine and the top floor--half of the seats are empty! Not to mention the people sleeping in the audience. Images convey messages, and the message coming out of that theater is a sort of half-interest. They did a fine tribute to Johnny Carson. But we're still waiting for the tribute to the man who was President of the Screen Actors Guild, Ronald Reagan. He got about 3 seconds. Polite applause.

I think there is a shift going on; someone is going to take the Oscars on. If Fox had run an original, live American Idol against it, they could have won. When the ratings come in they will argue, well, the films didn't capture an audience. But isn't Clint Eastwood one of the top box office draws in cinema? They crowned one of their legends tonight. They'll tell us a billion people saw the show; I don't know where they get that number from. But they won't take responsibility from this whole shift away from Hollywood worship.


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