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Al Gore's tv channel debuts; what's it like?

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It feels like PBS trying to copy VHI, while still trying to feel like PBS. It's young, so I'll give it time, BUT... The exerpts on this clip made the network seem... dry, empty.
Anybody wanna take bets on how long 'till they actually have programs? MTV, VH1, CNNHL, whenever they have PROGRAMS, that's when they get strong ratings. People like stability. 
It'll be quite the uphill battle for Current. But they haven't been on for 24 hours yet, so I won't begin to write the obituary. Yet...
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Charles: From what little I have seen, Current TV looks amateurish. The theory that viewers will want to watch less-than-professional looking features submitted by viewers is as ludicrous as the theory that the public wants to listen to home-made podcasts!
Johnny: The above date should read "August 1, 2005."
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johnny dollar
Right you are, Ira. I've fixed that.
Charles makes a good point about having programs. There is little incentive to tune in if all you have is the hope that something interesting might pop up.
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I thought this was suppose to be a fox news apologistic website? SO Gore has his own channel now. Fox has been bush's channel ever since he's been in office. Just a matter of time it changes its name to BUSH.
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johnny dollar
I know there are Democrat talking points, and Republican talking points. Are there also Fox-hater talking points? Sure seems that way sometimes.
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Hairy, let's play with your ideology a moment. Let's pretend for a moment that FOX News IS, in fact, a republican lap dog, and that Current is the counterpoint. You set the characters up yourself, now let's play...
FOX News reports the latest happenings from all across the globe, has a team of professionals working every story, and you have debate and analysis that covers ALL sides of the stories. You have Special Report, which goes in-depth into political and international stories, then debates them. The FOX Report gives you more news than you could imagine possible in a 1-hour newscast. 
FNC brings information, and the debate, to the same place. And viewers appreciate it, and FNC keeps growing in popularity, and their programs keep reaching new ratings milestones. (Greta is now as big as O'Reilly. She's the Queen of Cable News!)
Current TV does.... what? Sure, it brings you user content. Stuff that ordinary folks submit. That's all great, but it's like one, big, elaborate public access station. And from what I'm hearing across the net, production values aren't that much higher.
To compare:
FNC/Republicans: Well informed, well knowledged, and the majority in this nation.
Current/Democrats: Wobbly, uncertian, unpredictable, and found mainly in big cities, but rarely in the heartland of America.
It's a interesting matchup, Hairy. I kinda like it, don't you?
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Whoa, hold your horses there, babalouie! You go on and talk your long winded speech about Politics of the Bush cabinet on the site of Al Gore's television station? Dude, you got some nerve. Just how much class DO you have anyways? If I remember correctly from the biased history of our nation's public school system, for being so "well informed" and "well knowledged", was it not the BUSH family thought to be Deep Throat in Watergate and got caught with their hands in the cookie jar or the world's largest economic theft the savings and loan scandal? Word also has it that when in office, the only thing that could possibly make Bill Clinton look bad was his private life, not what he did as president. Man, at least Chelsea was never falling down drunk with Larry Flint chasing down a mythological porno film of her. ~.^ Think about THAT next time y'all consider hitting below the belt.
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Republicans are well informed????
Which universe are you living in?
Most of Bush's supporters still believe that Iraq had WMD at the start of the war and Saddam was behind 9/11. The average red voter could not point to Uzbekistan on the map let alone know what we have been doing there since Bush's power grab.
And sure Bush himself, who is a Republican as far as I know, is all about being "well informed" and "knowledge". Always has been. So much that all he could say after 9/11 was that he didn't know what the terrorists wanted to do.
Of course he didn't. Since he didn't even try to get to know it by asking questions from the FBI about pending
investigations of al Qaeda suspects inside the country. Note that there were people within the FBI who believed Mihdhar and Hazmi were al Qaeda operatives and were inside the US before 9/11. It's just that the Republican well-informed knowledgable Bush Jr had no idea about it. He was on vacation and read Dostoyevsky and Tocqueville instead.
BTW I don't think Current's pods are more amateurish than FOX's take on why bin Laden attacked us. Duh! Because he hates our freedom. Right. Is anything more amateurish than that?
It's a joke for anyone who knows something about Sunni extermism and Zawairi's past.
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By the way for the critics:
You don't seem to get it, probably because you have been so indoctrinated by traditional one-way TV where there are the producers on the one side and the consumers on the other without much if any utilized input from the people in the later category. You don't have a say in what should be covered and how by FOX or CNN, right?
If you have ideas how to make it better send it to Current and unlike at other networks there is a good chance your advise will be taken seriously. If this is indeed TV for, by and of the people then that should apply to people's idea as well. Certainly that's the impression I got.
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Johnny & Charles: Looks like another foreign invasion around here!
Wonder what country Hairy, Stardate and Mystahwright are from? Maybe they are neighbors of Z-Man!
Current TV reminds me of the late Tech TV which I'm sure our foreign visitors never saw. Tech TV also tried to be hip but never attracted an audience. A few of their shows are now part of G4, another 18-34 demo network that nobody watches.
August 2, 2005, 7:17:38 PM EDT – Like – Reply

FOX-hater talking points are anything that makes FOX or anyone associated with it look bad, whether they are true or not...
They don't even have to watch the channel (or get it in their country) to speak with authority on how awful it is.
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Grumpy Eric
I believe you'll find that people watch commercial (broadcast) and cable or satellite TV for at least the reason that it doesn't require interaction and has a predictable content which appeals to the viewer. 
There are lots of interactive sites on the net, and they do draw participants to the particular theme, and where the participants directly affect the content and direction. This site, for example.
But Current TV will not likely attract or long retain an audience of sufficient size to attract the advertisers or paying subscribers.
Someone has to pay for the production.
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chris golas
gore tv: two word: it stinks!!! ok more: boring, dumb and will NEVER survive and if it does I will be shocked
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