Survey Says...

Archived results of J$P web polls.

Question 52: Debate coverage: on-screen focus group dial graphs are:

53% a great addition
14% macht nichts
32% a distraction

The correct answer is: a great addition. Question 51: New 11am weekday show with Scott & Skinner:

55% a great move
29% no big deal
14% should've left it alone

The correct answer is: a great move.

Question 50: Who won Sunday's GOP debate?

8% Carl Cameron
9% Wendell Goler
54% Brit Hume
27% Chris Wallace

The correct answer is: Chris Wallace.

Question 49: Ratings: FBN beats CNBC...

81% In a year
11% In five years
6% Never

The correct answer is: Let it simmer down.

Question 48: Harlem controversy: at this point O'Reilly should...:

77% Keep fighting
14% Let it simmer down
8% Apologize

The correct answer is: Let it simmer down.

Question 47: Heather Nauert co-hosting with John Gibson is:

60% A great move
11% Macht nichts
27% A mistake

The correct answer is: A great move.

Question 46: What should MSNBC do about Olbermann's FNC comments??

46% Fire him
2% Temporary suspension
16% Force him to apologize
13% Nothing
21% Promote him to NBC

The correct answer is: Force him to apologize.

Question 45: Will the Sept Dem debate on Fox go forward?

11% Yes
7% Yes, but w/o Edwards
32% Yes, but w/o 2 or more candidates
48% No

The correct answer is: No.

Question 44: What is Fox radio's best talk show?

16% Brian and the Judge
47% Bill O'Reilly
25% John Gibson
10% Alan Colmes

The correct answer is: John Gibson..

Question 43: Should Fox hire Imus?

25% Give him his own show
13% Make him a contributor
61% Avoid him like the plague

The correct answer is: avoid him like the plague..

Question 42: Who won the great debate?

55% Bill O'Reilly
16% Geraldo Rivera
14% It was a tie
14% The both lost!

The correct answer is: not the last one.

Question 41: What do you like most about J$P?

29% Audio/video clips
55% Exposing slanders and lies
15% Nothing!

The correct answer is: not the last one..

Question 40: Debate Debacle: What should FNC do now?

34% Increase scrutiny on pressure groups
9% Refuse all John Edwards interviews
2% Refuse to host any more Dem debates
28% All of the above
24% None of the above

The correct answer is: sadly, none of the above.

Question 39: Which is most likely to succeed?:

41% The Half-Hour News Hour
6% It's Out There
25% Red Eye
25% They're All Losers

The correct answer is: The Half-Hour News Hour.

Question 38: Rate "It's Out There":

40% Must-see tv
26% Better than reruns
34% Makes you pray for a Fox News Alert

The correct answer is: Better than reruns.

Question 37: Rate the Half-Hour News Hour:

45% Must-see tv
27% Better than reruns
26% Makes you pray for a Fox News Alert

The correct answer is: Better than reruns.

Question 36: Geraldo's reports from the war zone are:

70% Vivid and informative
9% OK but nothing special
20% Empty rhetoric

The correct answer is: Vivid and informative.

Question 35: What should (MS)NBC do with William Arkin?

75% Fire him
2% Let his contract run out
10% Use him but disclose his biases
0% Keep him as is
11% Give him his own show

The correct answer is: Fire him.

Question 34: What do you think of Red Eye?

32% An instant hit
34% Better than reruns
32% Makes you pray for a Fox News Alert

The correct answer is: Better than reruns.

Question 33: What timeslot should E.D. Hill get?

23% 11:00 am as planned
51% Back to Fox & Friends
8% Fox & Friends weekend
17% None

The correct answer is: Back to Fox & Friends.

Question 32: Who should anchor Weekend live?

15% Jim Angle
15% Molly Henneberg
9% Catherine Herridge
35% Megyn Kelly
18% James Rosen
5% Juan Williams

The correct answer is: James Rosen.

Question 31: Was Fox right to report the Insight/Obama story?

41% Yes, every news channel has done stories from Insight
22% Only if they note it's unconfirmed
36% No, not until it was verified

The correct answer is: Yes, every news channel has done stories from Insight.

Question 30: Colbert vs O'Reilly: who did best?

94% Stephen Colbert
1% Bill O'Reilly
2% Both did well
1% Neither did well

The correct answer is: Neither did well.

Question 29: Who should fill in on The O'Reilly Factor when Bill is off?

8% David Asman
46% Laura Ingraham
9% John Kasich
26% Michelle Malkin
11% Geraldo Rivera

The correct answer is: Geraldo Rivera.

Question 28: Rivera returns to weekends; what should go to make room?

24% Heartland
58% The Line-Up
17% War Stories

The correct answer is: The Line-Up.

Question 27: What will 2007 bring at FNC?

5% Brit Hume retires
11% Daryn Kagan hired
38% Fox business channel
9% Harold Ford hired as contributor
11% Hi-Def broadcasting
13% Weeknight lineup change
12% none of the above

The most correct answer is: Fox Business Channel.

Question 26: The "War on Christmas" is...

53% Real
24% Real, but exaggerated
22% Nonexistent

The correct answer is: Real, but exaggerated

Question 25: When will Dan Rather appear on The O'Reilly Factor?

1% This week
5% January 2007
12% Later in 2007
79% Never again

The correct answer is: January 2007

Question 24: Who is the best Fox News Live weekend anchor?

13% Jamie Colby
36% Catherine Herridge
36% Page Hopkins
13% Eric Shawn

The correct answer is: Jamie Colby

Question 23: Who is the best Fox News Live weekday anchor?

25% Bill Hemmer
21% E.D. Hill
17% Jon Scott
35% Jane Skinner

The correct answer is: Jane Skinner

Question 22: What gets too much coverage on Fox?

35% Celebrities
31% Culture War
21% Missing Persons
1% True Crime
10% The mix is about right

The correct answer is: Celebrities

Question 21: Who is most responsible for Olbermann's attacks on O'Reilly?

63% Keith Olbermann
25% Bill O'Reilly
6% Both
4% Dan Abrams

The correct answer is: Keith Olbermann

Question 20: Who deserves more air time?

23% Harris Faulkner
6% Steve Harrigan
3% Adam Housley
14% Gregg Jarrett
40% Megyn Kendall
12% Uma Pemmaraju

The most correct answer is: Megyn Kendall

Question 19: An FNC weekend debate show should feature

9% Bob Beckel & Cal Thomas
12% Ellis Henican & Rich Lowry
39% Kirsten Powers & Michelle Malkin
4% Juan Williams and Jim Pinkerton
33% Who needs another debate show?

The correct answer is: Bob Beckel & Cal Thomas

Question 18: Who is your weather favorite?

38% Janice Dean
19% Steve Doocy
19% Chris Knowles
5% Rich Reichmuth
16% Leave weather to the weather channel

The correct answer is: Janice Dean

Question 17: Outrage on FNC over the OJ interview is:

14% Hypocrisy
18% Giving it free PR
59% Righteous disapproval
7% Much ado about trivia

The correct answer is: Righteous disapproval

Question 16: The latest FNC memo:

11% A smoking gun
13% A bit over the top
22% Defensible news judgment
36% Irrelevant
16% What memo?

The correct answer is: Irrelevant

Question 15: Who is most likely to stop traffic?

9% Rudi Bakhtiar
19% Julie Banderas
28% Kiran Chetry
26% Megyn Kendall
5% Michelle Malkin
9% Kirsten Powers

The correct answer is: Megyn Kendall

Question 14: Whom should FNC sign up?

13% George Allen
33% Harold Ford jr
30% Rick Santorum
22% Michael Steele

The correct answer is: Harold Ford Jr

Question 13: Who was FNC's election night star?

13% Michael Barone
26% Brit Hume
0% Bill Kristol
5% Kirsten Powers
55% Shepard Smith

The correct answer is: Michael Barone

Question 12: Whom will you watch most on election night?

2% Wolf Blitzer et al
80% Brit Hume
10% Matthews and Olbermann
5% Dancing with the Stars

The correct answer is: Brit Hume

Question 11: Who is the smarter debater?

25% Alan Colmes
53% Sean Hannity
20% Both about equal

The correct answer is: Alan Colmes

Question 10: Who is FNC's best election predictor?

5% Fred Barnes
57% Michael Barone
2% Susan Estrich
7% Mort Kondracke
26% Dick Morris

The correct answer is: Michael Barone

Question 9: What should FNC do with Hannity on America?

48% Make it a weekly program
14% Alternate weeks with Alan's America
12% Occasional specials
24% Shelve the idea

The correct answer is: Alternate weeks with Alan's America.

Question 8: Who is FNC's savviest military analyst?

16% Major Bob Bevelacqua
2% Gen Wesley Clark
9% Lt Col Bill Cowan
33% Col David Hunt
2% Maj Gen Burton Moore
35% Lt Col Oliver North

The correct answer is: Maj Bob Bevelacqua.

Question 7: Who gets too much air time?

11% Ann Coulter
3% Mike Gallagher
58% Newt Gingrich
9% Dick Morris
16% None of the above

The correct answer is: Newt Gingrich.

Question 6: Who is your favorite FNC Democratic political pundit?

46% Bob Beckel
0% Eleanor Clift
0% David Korn
9% Susan Estrich
0% Martin Frost
41% Kirsten Powers
2% Ellen Ratner

The correct answer is: Bob Beckel.

Question 5: Who is the toughest, and fairest, interviewer?

8% John Gibson
13% Brit Hume
12% Bill O'Reilly
35% Shepard Smith
2% Greta van Susteren
28% Chris Wallace

The correct answer is: Chris Wallace.

Question 4: Who is the most virulent Fox hater?

4% Al Franken
2% Neal Gabler
80% Keith Olbermann
2% Brian Stelter
11% Ted Turner

The correct answer is: Keith Olbermann.

Question 3: Which former Fox person would you like to see back on FNC?

8% Jeff Cohen
11% Rita Cosby
6% Catherine Crier
11% Heather Nauert
1% David Shuster
60% Linda Vester

The correct answer is: Linda Vester.

Question 2: What is the best site for cable news info?

6% FTV Live
58% Inside Cable News
0% NewsBlues
34% TV Newser

The correct answer is: Inside Cable News.

Question 1: Who is off to the best start?

32% Gretchen Carlson (Fox & Friends)
35% E.D. Hill (Fox News Live)
32% Martha MacCallum (The Live Desk)

The correct answer is: E.D. Hill.
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