Half a Million!

It's not a milestone. It's not a landmark. But it is nice.

It's the number of holiday jobs added during the Christmas season. It's how many copies of Flatout 2 have sold, the tonnage of maize imported by Taiwan and of some mysteriously missing copper. It was the predicted fatality rate for the Iraq War, and the number of pro-impeachment letters activists were to have sent to Nancy Pelosi by her first day as Speaker. And it's how many Disney movies have sold on iTunes, as well as the top prize on Big Brother and Identity.

We're pleased that we can now claim this number as well:

We don't keep our hit count secret, only revealing it when it suits our purposes, with no way to verify the claims. And we haven't hoodwinked Google into putting us into their news feed, exposing links to millions and inflating our statistics. Our growth is because of you, our wonderful readers, and we thank you.

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Fox Fan
Congratulations, johnny! You've made some fans in the process here.
I emailed Google when the NH first appeared in one of my Google News searches to tell them what a tabloid quality site NH was, and that they didn't belong in the 'news' category.
Then I saw that "The Onion" is also indexed for Google News. :/
January 7, 2007, 7:45:57 PM EST – Like – Reply

Congrats johnny! Your site is definitely having an impact, keep up the great work!
January 7, 2007, 9:28:22 PM EST – Like – Reply