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Al Jazeera, propaganda, peddling opinion, and paid shills. It's time to look in johnny dollar's mailbag.

We had an amicable email exchange with Alexander Kippen, who is featured in the home video Outfoxed:

Apparently I “waxed philosophic about how terrible the Fox news channel is.” What part of my wax do you believe to be “terrible"?

All of it...but that's just me!

Wait - that FNC is making an impact on its competition? That it searched for a market niche and found one? That MSNBC and CNN and maybe others like ABC show signs of imitation? This adds up to "terrible"?

"Fox peddles opinion, which is very cheap and easy. It amuses viewers..." I don't think Mr Ailes is going to feature that quote in their ads.

Good point, but Ailes would not disagree. He knows it's true because he's made it work.
This over your question about whether I reported for "Fox News." I did. Before The Fox News Channel, when I was at WTTG, "Fox News" comprised of reports from Fox O &Os. That's why we were told to sign off ".... Fox News, Washington." While your NPR affiliate, or say a Washington station like WRC was simply the local NBC O&O, WTTG in those days was both the local Fox station and the Fox network source of Washington news. That changed in 1996 with the advent of FNC ... a place where neither I nor anyone else claims that I worked.

From a loyal reader at aol.com:

Why don't you show comments made to your blog?  Newshounds shows your stuff posted to their site. 

Because the software we use doesn't have that feature. Because we don't have the resources of the newshounds, who have disk space paid for by the producers of the Outfoxed video. We have a humble little slice of personal webspace. Besides, newshounds need the comments sections to correct the falsehoods and lies that appear there.

On our report regarding Lawrence Lessig another aol'er writes:

Wow, what an exclusive! He doesn't like lawsuits? Prefers more debeat [sic]? Oh no! There is disention [sic] in the ranks! Maybe you could teach everyone how to stick to talking points and stay on "message."  What a ridiculous heading to your post. I'll help you out, I'm just guessing here, but, I think that people are less likely to be propogandized [sic] by headings and graphics on the web because they are much more likely to read the article/ story. You can't win on the internet, there is too much information and people are too informed.

It must be something in that aol water. But not everyone is a nattering nabob of negativism:

I wrote a column about "Outfoxed" which is available at www.chronwatch.com. I wanted to thank you for your great website and acknowledge that it was a big help in preparing my column. Best of luck and continue to fight the good fight.

This from a deep thinker at yahoo.com:

Your devotion to Fox is rather unusual, don't you think? You must be terribly concerned about their future what with the theatrical release of Outfoxed on the way. Why don't you just get a life instead and let Fox take care of itself? Or are you their paid shill?

From an intellectual at charter.net:

So you do work for Fox News. Don't you think you have at least a small ethical (journalistic) obligation to inform the Newshounds? Actually, knowledge of your connection to the "evil and dreaded beast commonly referred to as the Fox" would probably serve as an ego lift to the Newshounds. It also might serve to lighten a bit the criticism of Fox News by the Newshounds and their dedicated followers. My sincere belief is that the post from your buddy Alan Colmes had both those immediate effects. Trust me on this.

Hmmm. Do I sense a pattern here? Finally, this:

I’m American, retired US Navy and live in Scotland. I have to put up with the BBC, which is almost as anti-American as Al Jazeera. In fact, they recently hired the editor in chief of Al Jazeera. I watch Fox on the Sky network and love them. So, I’m really glad someone with some skill is taking these guys to town. I’ve posted some comments on their site and will help you all I can. Keep up the great work!

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