Fox Tops

Fox News Channel reaches a historic milestone. And to think, they have Michael Moore to thank for it.

The 2004 cable news ratings have been released, and TVNewser has all the stats. Fox News Channel has 11 of the top 12 programs, and the numbers reveal some interesting factoids:

The O'Reilly Factor remains the most-watched cable news program; Mr Bill has more than five times as many viewers as his time-slot competitor, Countdown with Keith Olbermann. (And as we know, on some days nine times as many.)

KO's Countdown continues to bleed audience. Despite following MSNBC's top-rated news program, Olbermann loses at least 20% of the Hardball viewers. In contrast, the audience for Scarborough Country increases by 25% from its lead-in--and ends up with more viewers than Countdown.

The only non-Fox show in the top 12 is Larry King Live, but Hannity and Colmes beat it handily with 33% more viewers.

Fox's lowest-ratest program is Fox & Friends First, the 6:00 am hour that precedes Fox & Friends. Despite the disadvantageous pre-dawn time slot, F&F First still gets more viewers than any news show at any time on MSNBC.

Fox & Friends at 7:00 am does even better--it beats every show on MSNBC, CNBC and (except for King) CNN. The same can be said of Fox News Live, the daytime straight news hours.

Who watches MSNBC for news? MSNBC Live has less than one quarter the viewership of Fox News Live and even comes in behind CNN Headline News.

MSNBC's highly touted Tech Summit drew fewer viewers than the cancelled McEnroe on CNBC. (McEnroe, which drew a 0.1, is to be replaced by Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, which drew a 0.1.)

Fun with math. Fox's ratings are so strong that even when you add together the ratings of the competitors, Fox still wins:

Fox & Friends over the combined audiences of American Morning, Imus, and Squawk Box.
Fox News Live: more viewers than CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC combined.
Dayside with Linda Vester: more viewers than CNN's Live From and MSNBC Live combined.
Studio B with Shepard Smith: more viewers than Inside Politics and MSNBC Live put together.
Your World with Neil Cavuto: a bigger audience than Crossfire and Lester Holt Live combined.
The Big Story with John Gibson: more viewers than Lester Holt Live and Wolf Blitzer Reports combined.
Special Report with Brit Hume beats the combined audiences of The Abrams Report, Bullseye, and Lou Dobbs Reports.
The Fox Report with Shepard Smith: more viewers than Hardball, Anderson Cooper 360, and CNBC (Conan repeats) put together.
Hannity and Colmes over Larry King and Deborah Norville combined.
On the Record with Greta van Susteren handily beats Newsnight with Aaron Brown, Scarborough Country, and McEnroe combined.
And Mr Bill O'Reilly beats the total viewership of Paula Zahn Now and Countdown by better than two-to-one.

For the first time, Fox News Channel's primetime beat CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and Headline News, combined. There can be only one explanation for this astonishing success: Michael Moore. After all, he announced that "a significant portion of the proceeds of Fahrenheit 9/11 will go toward convincing every thinking American to turn off the Fox News Channel."

Keep up the good work, Mike!

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Just proves that this country is filled with alot of stupid morons who think they are getting NEWS when they turn on faux-the most smelliest name in news. 
Faux viewers EDUCATE YOURSELF and you will learn NEWS, I said NEWS, not opinion, analysis, commentary BUT NEWS can be neither be Fair or balanced. WHY? The facts,something a journalists gathers to put a story together, never wavers to one side or the other. It's when you start throwing in opinions and commentary that the balancing act starts. 
And how bout that tsunami disaster coverage that was nearly non-existant. Faux could only spare TWO, count them TWO reporters to send to the area. I guess all the rest had to stay just in case any amber alerts went out. BUT I do have to say that faux did a fine job of defending the presidents and the country's reputation as their noses are being rubbed in the mud for being "stingy" and late to respond. Thanks faux I knew that you keep those other countries from pushing us aro
December 31, 2004, 12:29:46 AM EST – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Gee Hairy, why don't you tell us how many reporters MSNBC spared to go the scene?
December 31, 2004, 12:42:02 AM EST – Like – Reply

" Just proves that this country is filled with alot of stupid morons..." That's alright, you just sit in a corner and tell yourself your smarter because you have zero common sense and the rest of us will keep running the country, Hairball.
January 1, 2005, 10:26:06 PM EST – Like – Reply