'He Knows He's Going Down'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge expounds on Dan Rather, Kitty Kelly, Brian Williams, the Weather Channel, and more.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, September 11 2004:

All you need to know about the coming few weeks and months is the bloodshot red eye of Dan Rather, the stress seen in Uncle Dan's face. His immune system is shot to hell because he knows he is going down. It is going vicious. We've got Time magazine saying how many millions illegals coming in this year, we've got chaos here on planet earth, and we're talking about VietNam and the rest. We are going to have the crucifixion of Bob Shrum (Mel Gibson's going to produce it) if this doesn't quit. How are we talking about VietNam still this week? And the Democrats are launching an attack on Bush on the National Guard and something in a campaign brochure from 1978. Well at least they're moving it up four years. By this rate, we will be in the year 2004 by the year 2010. Terry McAuliffe is moving it, it's like watching the hurricane track--it jogged. We are now doing 1978 from the Democrats. This country deserves better.

I am not afraid of getting into the mud. The mud is where this country came from; we have a great tradition in this country of aggressive campaigns. Susan Estrich was saying this is the nastiest campaign we've ever seen. What is she talking about? She forgets that Donna Brazile was out there with 41 saying who's going to be sleeping in the White House bed, isn't Bush having an affair? That was Brazile, who's now cooking with grease, she's the queen bee. That's all Kerry and Shrum, the Curse of Shrummy, are doing this season is talking about 1974. Well now we're talking about 1978; we're making progress. This flashback brought to you by the DNC. This week we will spend the campaign talking about 1978. Please. Maybe when all this is said and done the DNC will file for bankruptcy, and Donald Trump can run it.

What is needed is for someone actually working at CBS to have a conscience. They're digging in over there; they believe their story is correct, which is their right. The problem is, a lot of their sources are saying hold on, I never saw this memo. Freedom of the press, and CBS is telling people not to give interviews? By the way, a lot of the Dems now think that Karl Rove called these people and threatened to kill them if they don't change their story. This is how they think, whether it's the widow or the son or the gentlemen who said they never showed me the memo. Sharon Bush saying no, Kitty, I never told you that. They're all now being accused of cow-towing to White House threats. So how can everybody be threatened by the White House, and why doesn't anybody have any evidence on these threats? That's the story. If somebody catches Karl Rove threatening murder on somebody, that's bigger than National Guard moldy papers out of Dan Rather's cheat sheet.

I reported late last week that they've launched an internal investigation. I stand by that story, as you stand by your documents, Dan. I've got sources inside your fish bowl. There are questions in the air there, regardless of how the public face is. Now, CBS News President Andrew Heyward really was put there by Dan Rather, so it's not going to be Hayward to do anything here. Les Moonves, who is busy trying to win Sumner's praise to take over all of Viacom, Moonves is distracted. So who exactly is there at CBS to tell Dan Rather to ship up or shape out? Nobody. This is the issue; as Bernard Goldberg said, Dan is the Don. They're resolved at CBS to let Dan Rather simply retire next year. A 6-month time is plenty of time in this business. When Dan Rather finally retires next year, after Brokaw retires, after Baba Wawa says goodbye to 20/20, after all this is said and done, and it's Dan's turn to walk the plank, nobody is going to remember these documents. A lot of storms Dan has walked through, this is just another one. He's dug in. They're not going to do anything; there's no checks and balances, it's not the way it used to be. Even if the phone line's off the hook, it doesn't matter.

I'm a big supporter of Dan Rather, he is to me one of the best. All the greats are leaving us. It's time for some new blood, but I do get scared looking at who's coming after. Sam Donaldson has been replaced by Stephanopoulos? We're downgrading. Look at this new crop. Soledad O'Brien? Nothing against Brian Williams, but did you see how little airtime he got during the conventions? It was always Brokaw and Russert in the booth, and there's Brian Williams, the man who would be anchor, from the floor, sometimes, picking up Juicy-Fruit wrappers or something. They've got no respect for him there at NBC.

Did you see Stephanopoulos this morning slip when he was introducing Rubin? He actually stated him in the present tense, as if he was still a cabinet member. Because that's what he remembers because he worked in the White House when Rubin was Secretary of Commerce or Defense of whatever it was. I'm George Stephanopoulos, the former White House.

Speaking of, why isn't there more of a media firestorm around Paul Begala and Carvile sitting there on CNN every day working for the Kerry campaign? Where's that? These endless stories we saw about Fox News and their conflicts, and somebody calling this and somebody calling that, and meanwhile you've got Kerry advisors right there on tv every day--as hosts! They're just breaking down the wall altogether. And the embarrassing thing--it'd be different if they actually pulled a number. The problem is Carville and Begala don't pull a number, sitting there with .4s and .5s

Speaking of, Hannity and Colmes is now ranking number one in public affairs on the cable dial over O'Reilly. It's not going to be pretty when that really hits over there; O'Reilly doesn't like to come in second. There is a shift out there--consistency, consistency. The problem is if you wobble all over the place like that eye of Ivan, your credibility goes down. Bill walks around there at Fox with ten pounds of Max Factor on his face--no one recognizes you when you're on the street, do you know why? Because you're not wearing your rubber makeup.

The New York Times is already claiming absentee ballots may be fraud. This is a backup--just in case in touch-screen doesn't work, that a friend of the Bush family invented the touch-screen, they'll have this ready to go.

I still think they're holding this for an October surprise: all of a sudden you will see video of the Abu prison with boys being raped. Sy Hersh certainly has gone around speaking of that video. He releases a book tomorrow offering fresh details on Iraq War gone wild, a polite way to put it. At the same hour, Kitty Kelley releases her book on the Bush family--within the hour. Sy Hersh's is a quickie; good old Sy, he can stil turn 'em around fast. A book deal signed about a month ago, I'm told, with Murdoch. Yes, that right wing nut Murdoch, releasing Sy Hersh's expose on corruption and a Bush scandal where they knew about abuse and did nothing about it. I still put my money on Kitty Kelley. I think Kitty Kelley has the best racket in the business, she's got the manuscript software program, you just fill in the blanks. So instead of Sinatra being snuck into the Oval Office, who is it now, Tim McGraw? And conveniently skip over any Democrats. We can't wait. Abortions, drugs, affairs, oh my; abortions, drugs, affairs, oh my. And I thought we're supposed to be so liberated. All these tv producers have booked Kitty, and they haven't seen the book. It's been described to me as heavy-handed. By the 10th time she accuses someone of having an abortion, enough already. Let's see your uterus, Kitty. And they're all trying to get the swift boaties off the top of the list. The little book that could--no 60 Minutes interview, no three-day roll-out. We're getting ugly in this campaign, and it's all brought to you over your airwaves. I say fight fire with fire, and I think the Bushies are up to the task.

The Today Show is really making an editorial decision by putting Kitty Kelley on to discuss alleged drug use with Bush at Camp David and all the rest. Even though Sharon Bush now says I didn't say that Kitty, Kitty saying yes you did, you're just being threatened. Oddly they never have tapes of any of these things; we never hear audio of these people. But in 1992, NBC and The Today Show dropped a book booking, a former Ted Kennedy aide who wrote a book titled The Senator which claimed Kennedy used drugs and cocaine. They blocked it. Then-executive producer Jeff Zucker says in reading it over, and seeing the way it is being portrayed by tabloid television, it didn't feel right for us. This was The Today Show back in 1992. But now book allegations against the President and cocaine I guess do feel right for them. And just not one hit. This isn't going to be an 8-minute oatmeal serving. This is going to be 3 hearty servings, your one-a-day Kitty Kelley over at NBC this week.

John Kerry says in Time magazine, I don't know what you're talking about in terms of a Bush bounce. So it's like the Botox again, he doesn't know what we're talking about. Has he not seen the CNN/USA Today/Gallup/Washington Post/Wall Street Journal/NBC poll? They're all one. Has he not seen it? "I don't know what you're talking about in terms of a Bush bounce". And then you have John Edwards saying that Bush's bounce was only temporary. They can't even get that straight; they're cancelling each other out. They could run Michael Moore right now and they'd get more votes than Kerry.

I've never seen the Weather Channel crunch so many ads into their programming. This is a shopper's guide for disaster scare; the weather updates are just a sideshow. It's really how do you board up your home, how do you do all this, and they tell you where to go and buy it. It's on special. If something bad does happen to one side of the country we do pay attention, but that's a separate issue from government having control the way they do to scare people. The track is headed right here, the 20-day track, shows the storm headed right here. And then to coordinate that with business and media, it's a recipe for disaster. And also, why the lecturing from the Weather Channel? You better get all your preparations taken care of. What happens if I don't want to? What happens if as a citizen I want to experience a hurricane the way I want to experience a hurricane? The power of nature, without the editorializing from this shrew on tv telling me I'd better be careful. Don't go outside barefoot. Tell us the facts, tell us what's happening, tell us your best scenario, or worst scenario for that matter, but don't tell us we got to have a supply of band-aids on hand. Obnoxious--like a schoolmarm. Make sure in your kit you've got this and you've got that. What kit? Are you crazy? I thought we're a nation of individuals and we do things differently. Lecturing, lecturing; it's very mommy-liberal for me. We've got satellite dishes and everybody's got a little dish on top of their trucks, zooming around. Look at this, the wind is blowing, and there's sand, and oh!


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