'I Thought You Voted on Election Day'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge speaks out on Sinclair Broadcasting, Teresa Heinz, polls, and more.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, October 17 2004:

I would have loved to have had a secret spy-cam on Bill Schneider, the pollster over at CNN, and Judy Woodruff and her husband Al Hunt, and that whole crowd, to see their faces when the new CNN/Gallup/USAToday poll came out, showing Bush up by eight. Up by eight! Who are these people telling us it’s a dead heat? At what point is it not a dead heat, when Bush is up by 20? Bush’s popularity now in the mid-50s, according to CNN. Where was Clinton’s in ‘96? Do tell. One of you bloggers should do some comparisons; we’ll never get that from the main press. [It was 54% --J$]

The latest thing is Bush has a secret plan to cut social security. The draft thing didn’t work, outing the gay didn’t work, so I guess now they’re moving toward secret social security cuts. And flu shots. They’ll throw everything, and everybody’s going to get really dirty here, especially with CNN/Gallup showing Bush up by eight. I am told that they are going to unleash the video of the brutal rape of Iraq prisoners.

And they’re blasting the Sinclair group. 62 stations are carrying a documentary about Kerry’s antiwar activities. Well, how dare they? Media watchdog groups are enraged, but somehow they’re never enraged when people like CBS run propaganda pieces. The Kerry campaign is calling this a politically-motivated attack. Now they don’t think Pelosi’s daughter’s film is a politically-motivated attack. They don’t think this Rock the Vote garbage we’re seeing out of MTV is a politically-motivated attack. They don’t say that Nightline, or these Frontlines on PBS, none of those are politically motivated attacks, because they dress them up and put perfume on it and the air of objective journalism.

Last week, the free speechers at the Kerry campaign formally asked for equal time to reply to the film. Sinclair has offered Kerry to appear on the program, much like if you were a subject on Nightline, you would get to appear on Nightline. You wouldn’t get the show following Nightline. Do you think John O’Neill and the swift boaties got the show following Nightline to try to debunk his claims? No, they incorporate you into the broadcast, and then remain in control of the edit. They will control what you say that gets on the air. There is no requirement that anything you say gets on the air in news. That is protected free speech, the first amendment.

How can these people like Ted Koppel go out there and start advocating his position on the air, how can PBS start advocating their position on the air, and Sinclair cannot advocate their position on the air? What do they think these news anchors are? Oh they’re objective. Right. News organizations, who thrive on the first amendment, who don’t want any government agency telling us how to report, are running around saying the government should sanction Sinclair for daring to run some of this swift boat stuff? These Dems, they break out into hives when they hear those swift boaties. But last week, that moldy oldie Unfit for Command outsold the new Michael Moore book. They have every right to boycott all they want, and never watch a Sinclair station again. Go for it. But the second you start saying who can carry what when--are you not going to allow Newsweek or Time to cover this election, whatever their bias, whoever is controlling the editing function? What happens to Air America at that point?

It’s as scattered and confusing as Teresa Heinz’s tax returns. And by the way, honey, where’s your 2002 tax returns? They didn’t show up; she gave us two sheets of 2003. She’s special. Or she’s got something to hide. Those offshore things. And did her relatives own slaves? Can someone ask a question? We need Bob Schieffer back.

The polls are open for two weeks in some areas. Who knows what kind of shenanigans are going on? I thought you voted on election day, with special exemptions for absentee ballots. And now absentee has become the way to vote, all 43 times. We have a hard enough time regulating election day; try regulating election week or election month. Tens of thousands of lawyers fanning out, ready to do their own form of intimidation. They have no right to be at the polling place in my opinion; get them out of there and let me vote in peace.


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