'we are headed for a hacker's paradise'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge comments on privacy, double standards, and Jeff Gannon.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, February 20 2005:

Did you notice how Chris Rock got away with saying the n-word on CBS 60 Minutes? What they aired during the dinner hour tonight over at the black and blue bloodshot eye, spouting off the n-word, could we do that here? Do you think Rush Limbaugh could do that? If we started coming on here and saying that, I could see the protests now. I could see Sharpton out front of Madison Square Garden with picket signs. You see the double standard.

The bombshell: President Bush was secretly taped by someone he thought was a friend, over a period of two years. You couple that with Paris Hilton and all of these celebrities phone numbers getting out. And down in Palm Beach somebody sending out emails disclosing everybody who's HIV positive, this as they're telling everybody to come in and get tested. Who do you talk to? What doctor do you go to? Where do you go in this society to get privacy? I saw George Bush advocating all medical records should be computerized, put everything on a database. And you know these computers would be connected to the internet somehow. We are headed for a hacker's paradise.

We've had updates every minute on the hour on CNN on this Gannon/Guckert scandal. To go to a press briefing at the White House doesn't take much. He used a stage name, a fake name. Radio hosts use fake names. A lot of people are using fake names out there. Should Geraldo Rivera not be allowed to go to a White House press briefing? Should Paul Harvey not be allowed? Larry King has interviewed the President--where's the outrage?

Setting up a naked web site for escort services is a different issue. And I'm not sure the White House knew that. And even then, would you not allow him in there? That's the only element that's kind of goofy. Not using a fake name, and not writing for a right-wing hit web site, because there's so many left-wing hit web sites. And are you saying they should never be credentialed? Are you saying hosts on Air America should have no access to politicians? Hosts like Randi Rhodes, who uses a fake name, should not be allowed to ask questions of elected officials? Ridiculous.

After all we went through last century, where "it's private business, it's private business", why are they concerned now about what's going on in the privacy of a reporter's life? We got Howell Raines, we got Dan Rather, we got Eason Jordan at CNN. They got Jeff Gannon. Pathetic. The score is about 5000 to 3. And they say this is the triumph of the left-wing blogs? Come on, break some real stories out there.

The escort service has moved from the Oval Office to the Press Room, and we can't tolerate that.


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