Fox Tops: Part Deux

Numbers don't lie.

Michael Moore and the Outfoxed gals are working overtime to discredit Fox News, but the American people aren't buying it. TVNewser has a full plate of ratings reports, and the news is all good for The House That Ailes Built.

The Iraq election coverage was a huge win for FNC. Again, Fox had more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined, and Mr Bill O'Reilly and the entire primetime lineup demolished the competition. (You don't want to know what happened to Keith Olbermann, especially if you are Rick Kaplan.)

TVNewser also brings us the monthly ratings for January 2005, where again Fox beats all the other cable news channels combined. At MSNBC, they continued to bleed audience. Be sure to check out TVN's chart of cable news programs: FNC is home to 9 of the top 10 programs (Larry King is the sole exception). Brit is up 36% over the previous year; Greta is up 16%. Fox's daytime straight news coverage, Fox News Live, handily outranks CNN and crushes MSNBC by better than four-to-one.

Once again, Fox's lowest-rated program--the early-bird 6:00 am hour of Fox & Friends First--still gets more viewers than any program on the MSNBC schedule, including their highest-rated show, Hardball (which itself loses to Anderson Cooper). A Mess NBC appears to be in third place for every hour of the broadcast day except for one sixty minute slice of Imus--a simulcast of a radio talk show from Westwood One, a CBS company!

Michael Moore boasted that he would devote proceeds from Fahrenheit 9/11 to convince people to turn off Fox News. "I hope they enjoy this year, their last year with actual viewers", wrote Mr Moore. In 2004.

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