'What Kind of a Whore Is He?'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge comments on Eason Jordan, bloggers, Chris Rock, and more.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, Feb 13 2005:

Howard Dean's wife is not going with him to Washington. I don't know if it's a trial separation, or a commuter marriage, or what. The problem is, your husband is elected the head of the DNC and will be in DC for years and years. If you notice, he did not go on the Sunday morning shows. They kept him off, which is probably a smart move. They're going to have to let him out of the cage one of these days.

Dean says we cannot win if all we are is against the President, but Terry McAuliffe's goodbye speech was full of venom--it was all Bush-bashing. It was crazy, absolutely wild. But there's a big L hanging over McAuliffe: what has he achieved? Don't let the door hit you on your butt, Terry.

The Republicans are controlling almost everything in Washington, and this will be their legacy: electronic ID cards to be issued for all adults. To me it's outrageous. What happens if you don't want to? What if you want to live Amish-like? Unless you're doing a Department of Pre-Crime, how is a card with a chip and a barcode going to do anything? DC's going to know everything now. Where is Phyllis Schlafly when we need her? She was warning about this ten years ago. They're not going to use that money for border patrols, but for chips and fingerprints for legal citizens.

Eason Jordan stepped down and they're saying, oh it's a lynch mob mentality, those bloggers. But the mainstream press can be vicious, slanderous--constantly paying out money to settle libel suits. When they rip people to shreds, when they tear them up and make their life a living hell as they have done over the years, oh it's journalism, it's Peabody, it's Pulitzer. But when the bloggers do it, it's a lynch mob. Get real. Just because you're losing some of your power, and you're sleeping. Anyone who operates without a symbol on the stock exchange, who's not part of the clique, is being called a "blogger". Noxious terminology designed to marginalize unwelcome folks. Those bad-breath, stinky "bloggers". And don't tell me that the bloggers call themselves bloggers. That's not what's happening here. This is main press, fancy media marginalizing people on the internet with words that sound stupid.

The New York Times panics, quoting the editor of the Columbia Journalism Review: "The salivating morons who make up the lynch mob prevail." This is all because this CNN executive was caught saying the military was targeting journalists. (If they target bloggers, that's all right--they're a lynch mob.) The Hugh Hewitts and everyone else pounding their chests about what a great victory it was, I hate to tell you but CNN's ratings have been horrifying. If they want to use what he said at Davos as a way to get this ratings loser out the door, they will.

That guy at Talon News--which nobody had heard of until Rush Limbaugh started talking about it--the left was all so riled up, saying oh this phony reporter in the press room. I've been to White House press briefings. There are so many phonies in that room, and so many, shall we call them, eccentrics. And you've had talk radio days at the White House. What does it mean if the left only wants "legitimate" journalists? There is no license, no stamp of approval, to do reporting. For the life of me, what would we do with George Stephanopoulos? What would we do with Peter Jennings, who got his start on a dance show up in Canada? Or Edward R Murrow who got his start with a puppet show? Or look at Larry King, who started down at a race track in Pompano.

Did anybody see the Bashir/Corey Feldman thing on Friday night? This is the big, breakout interview--Bashir is back, and he's bigger and badder and bolder than ever with his journalism. They're worried about the slimy blogs, but look at that Bashir. It was one of the grossest things I have seen in memory. Corey Feldman: oh no, I was never touched by Michael Jackson. Well what are they doing there? Then Feldman goes on and says, oh I don't want attention for this, as the cameras are rolling. Huh? Anyone who goes before the camera at any point is doing it for publicity, excuse me, unless you're being accused of something. Who the heck was talking about Corey Feldman, until Corey Feldman injected himself into this? It was award-winning journalism, legacy medium stuff. And they're talking about the bloggers, who seem to be having some success exposing some of the executives running these corrupt news organizations. Bashir is Peabody, Pulitzer-level, but the bloggers are obnoxious mob rule, freaks sitting there in their boxer shorts, playing with their keyboards. I'm sure Corey Feldman has already picked out his outfit for court.

CNN probably should get Chris Rock to anchor the news. If he's good enough for the Oscars, he's good enough to do the news. They are rationalizing Chris Rock going on the Oscars with all of his racism and hatred. This is one of the biggest mistakes we've seen in the modern age. Nobody from the other side would ever be allowed to host the Oscars with the stinky, smelly trail that he has. That nasty potty mouth. How he thinks "abortion is beautiful". What?! Could they pick anyone more out of step? This is a mad dash for ratings, and on the classiest night where they lecture us about humanity and love and one-worldism. Gone are the days of Bob Hope and Johnny Carson and Billy Crystal.

The rest of the media have been quiet on this. But look at what they did to Michael Savage. Look at what they did to Limbaugh. Look what they do to anyone on the right who said anything. But their Oscar host, who has the stinkiest trail going, this is wonderful, this is the young demo. I did my research: Chris Rock on HBO hardly gets a number. How do you get a demo making fun of patriotic white people with flags on their hats? He's out there now saying the only people who watch the Oscars are gays, marginalizing anyone who's interested in films using the oldest cliche in the book. Rock says he never watches the Oscars: "Awards for art are blanking idiotic". Well what are you doing hosting them, Chris? What kind of a whore is he? And he's bashing Bush nonstop. This is the way to reach out to new audiences. This is the face of Hollywood, our #1 export.

I heard Monica Crowley is going on MSNBC with Ron Reagan--a show called Coast to Coast. I thought that was Art Bell's show, Coast to Coast? Oh, her show is Connected--Coast to Coast. MSNBC would do well to hire Art Bell; they need to shake it up a little bit. He's one of the best interviewers in this business.

It's getting so ridiculous that over at Air America they're hyping Barbara Boxer thong underwear. You go over to Randi Rhodes--Rhodes, by the way is not her last name; she's using a fake, made-up last name, not to be confused with Mr Gannon. They're hyping Barbara Boxer '08 thong underwear. Is there no respect? No wonder Judy Dean is staying up in Vermont.


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