'A Little Too Butch for the Dems'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge with the inside story on Bernard Kerik.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, December 12 2004:

It would be ironic that with all the minorities Bush is appointing, he got into trouble with a white male. All the minorities seem to be going straight through, no issues, but Bush finally turned to Bernard Kerik, a white male, and here we go. I think this job should go to Rudy Giuliani, as punishment. Pull him out of the private sector, put him in there at government wages to protect the homeland. Is that a job you want? How did we get to the point where we have a Homeland Security Secretary? We have the FBI, the CIA, and now we've created another layer on this cake.

The New York Times is reporting that Kerik is de facto mobbed up, having ties to companies that have ties to the mob. Three stories in the Old Gray Lady. Three! Have any dirt on Kerik? We're open for business. Let's hear the tapes; let's get the DNA. And Dan Rather's got the documents. The cover story that was presented out of the gate is that it was a nanny issue. Then Newsweek said Kerik had a warrant for his arrest; it revolved around unpaid condo fees--who knows what that was about? But it didn't stop there: accusations coming out of Newsday of a sexual nature. Judith Regan published Kerik's book and it was alleged they had an affair, and it was said she lost her cellphone and had Kerik deploy New York police resources to find it. So it went; the New York media circle is so vicious, who knows if it's true?

I have been told the Democrats were digging up the dirt; they were going to call Regan to Capitol Hill because she claimed Kerik was stalking her after they broke up. You see where this is going? The Democrats have been waiting, filing their nails, and Kerik was fresh meat. I know there has been a Target: Kerik campaign out there for some time now. Strong masculinity doesn't go well with the left. They like strong women, but not strong men. The Democrats were shopping this Regan/Kerik story to everybody who had a grocery cart, and Newsweek took a little chew. The Dems were going to have confirmation hearings from hell, on all the channels. It was going to be salacious; it would make Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas look like Romper Room. That's what the Dems were going to do. If that is the case, after all we went through in the 90s being told that it was "just about sex", then why with Kerik isn't it "just about sex"? We know how much the left despises Rumsfeld, another masculine character in this administration. And now you've got Bernard Kerik who's just a little too butch for the Dems to take.


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