'Dirty Old Man'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge comments on Nancy Grace, Warren Buffett, and more. With J$P Audio! Drudge interview with RatherBiased.com.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, March 6 2005:

I can't tell you how upset I get every time I see the name Warren Buffett come over the wires. Here you've got bozos like Buffett talking down the dollar, and then he makes over a billion dollars investing against the dollar. Don't you think they should be paying these dividends to Buffett in Euros? Where is the class? Where is the patriotism? Where is the common decency? He's another one of the people who's buying everything up and merging it together. Buffett's got his dirty claws in all of it. Sickening. How in the world you can take this garbage from people like Buffett? Don't give me this he's trying to fix the dollar. He's trying to fix nothing. Dirty old man.

Anybody operating in the media is going to be protected by the constitution and the first amendment. I don't care if they tell us that Wolf Blitzer has more coverage in the law than you or I do. I think that's so incorrect as we march into this new century dominated by the din of small voices. Anyone operating in the media, including anybody who has a web site, is a reporter. If you call us up here on the Drudge Report and report a story, you are a citizen journalist. They'll laugh at you and say you're nothing but a talk radio caller. But at least we get callers here. Over at Air America they fake their callers. I had an engineer from Air America, from WLIB, telling me there's fake calls coming in here. The engineer's telling me that; why would someone working there say that? Maybe that was in the beginning, before Al Franken got 200,000 listeners. They run a cume on him, he's got like 236,000 listeners nationwide. Way to go, Franken. Looking good! Well, that's more people than go to see his movies. He does sell those books, though.

The Italian reporter who is pointing the finger at Americans, when she was leaving the troops fired on her. All sides agree on that. Her first edition in Italy on Sunday says they targeted her because she knew some things. By the way, she works for a Communist newspaper; that doesn't mean you deserve to get shot. But you have to go into this knowing she is a Bush hater, an American military hater, and it wouldn't surprise me if she's salt and peppering some stuff. She does think the American military is evil; that is where she's coming from. Maybe if we took her hostage and held her at gunpoint, and flashed a video of her around the world, as her captors did, then we're her friends. She claims 300-400 bullets were flying at her car. And I'm looking at images of the car, and it doesn't look like 300-400 bullets were flying at the car. How does she know that she was targeted? How does she know it wasn't just a terrible mistake? Did she interview the people that shot her? She's inflamed the situation by running off the mouth in late editions of her Communist newspaper.

Every so often on Drudge Report I print the cable news ratings, because the egos involved in cable news are not to be believed. And Nancy Grace over at CNN Headline News is now singlehandedly beating all of MSNBC, and she is passing Mr Vanderbilt himself, Anderson Cooper. Nancy Grace stands to be the next big thing in cable, but the performance she is giving is camp. She's almost playing a young, babyish Shirley Temple, with her eyelashes rolling around. She should be getting a blanket and some heels and doing "On the Good Ship Lollipop". They're dressing her up like a baby, with a floppy bow-tie; it's a very strange persona as she talks about these murder cases and missing children. She is looking like the Bette Davis character in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane". But I'm hypnotized by her performance in front of the camera. She is camping it up for all it's worth. She's not taking that stuff seriously. Why is she pouting for the camera? Why is she sitting there completely made up like a rag doll? I'm stunned. Move her over to the Rather chair, Les Moonves. I would watch that five nights a week.

J$P Audio! Matt Drudge interview with Matthew Sheffield, webmaster of RatherBiased.com:

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