'Somebody Is Going to Have Their Paws on It'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge comments on Dan Rather, the falling dollar, satellite radio, and more.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, November 28 2004:

There's a push now to bring the FCC in on satellite radio. All the Howard Sterns of the world are rushing there on the premise that they can say pretty much want they want, but some radio broadcasters are filing a petition with the FCC saying, listen, you do control satellite radio, you just don't know it. Let's just fantasize here for a second. Say this move toward internet and broadband and satellite really takes off in ten years. You don't think the government will find some way to regulate it? Of course they will. There'll be cries, please regulate what we're hearing. There is a battle coming. If broadband and wireless truly is the way we're going to do things, somebody is going to have their paws on it. And I'll never forget Hillary, right after Lewinsky and all that craziness, out there saying we have to find a way to regulate the internet. It was ridiculous, scary stuff--she was the First Lady of the United States, and now she's the Senatress of New York, and the most popular Democrat. And this is what she has in her little peanut brain--she wants to regulate the internet. She doesn't want to let one person create something that can challenge her husband.

NBC is denying that Matt Lauer is available to replace Dan Rather. Newsweek floated that trial balloon this weekend. Am I missing something here? I always thought he was like a Pat Sajak type. Not to besmirch Sajak at all, but Matt Lauer sitting in the CBS Evening News anchor chair? Someone please test what's in Les Moonves's herbal tea. They wanted Tim Russert to replace Dan Rather years ago; I reported then that Russert was approached by CBS--they all denied it but they were lying through their teeth. But Matt Lauer? Does he have the gravitas? You would think after all these years they would have somebody inside CBS ready to go. Maybe CBS can make a reality show out of it, how to choose an anchorman. You'd have to bet money on Peter Jennings right now to be the big man on campus. Brokaw said not necessarily; he doesn't think that's enough for people to switch their channels. When Brian Williams substituted for Brokaw, they held on to their numbers, Brokaw claims. When Katie Couric substituted, they hit a record low.

So Peter Jennings is the last anchorman standing. Then we'll be left with George Stephanopoulos. I am going to miss that generation; they had their bias and everything else, but they were pros. We can disagree all we want on the politics, but Rather is a patriot, and a tremendous performer. But Bill Paley would have had Rather retired years ago, and that was probably the right time.

I was told that last Monday the preliminary report on the Rather document matter was given to management at CBS. This is before the Rather announcement, and I've got immaculate sources at CBS. So it must not be good. CBS News President Andrew Heyward is now in the bullseye. They can't let too many people go, they don't have that many left.

I had a lovely week in England where it's unprecedented what's happening to the US dollar. I paid $12.50 for a Subway tuna sandwich. For a Wendy's single hamburger, $10.50. That's just for starters, and I don't see the White House that concerned at all. Dollars and Euros and Yens will all come and go, and you'll still have gold.

One story that has been driving me crazy is the collapse of the Hollywood Christmas Parade. They've had this for 73 years now--tradition, in a city that doesn't have much tradition. They used to have Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, everybody used to be there. It has faded so much now there are no stars anymore. The biggest star of this year's parade is the freaky, scary SpongeBob SquarePants, along with the American Idol loser William Hung. I guess everybody else is too busy, filming in Canada on those cheap sound sets. They've got no stars left. Why even bother? Who are the people marching in this parade? You can't even get the B stars out, or the C or D stars. Hollywood is truly hitting the skids, and it's all on parade, right there on Baloney Boulevard.


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