'Things Are Going to Turn Ugly Real Fast'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge expounds on Barbara Streisand, Christy Todd Whitman, Andrew Heyward, and more.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, January 2 2005:

Things in DC are going to turn ugly real fast. I am told that the Dems are going to press Alberto Gonzalez much harder than we are led to believe in his confirmation hearings. They're going to keep him there, into the evening I'm told, and they're going to make him sweat. They're like the scorned lover. They've got no power to speak of, so they've got nothing to lose. They're going to try to tie him to the Iraq prisoner abuse. They're going to make him responsible for pyramids, for beatings, for Leash Girl. If they're going to crucify Gonzalez and put him on the rack, they certainly have to have approval from the Pentagon to use the torture videos with all the court-martials going on. And I am told they want to use some of this in the Thursday session to give it some oomph, some film-at-eleven pizzaz. They've got to do something to jump-start this.

Of course, Chuck Schumer says Gonzalez is going to sail through. The last time he said that was with Kerik. If Gonzalez had been someone of the other party it would have been a breakthrough for minorities--but it's not, so they're not playing it up that way. This is the torture-master; maybe someone is going to bring out a ball-and-chain or a whip during the hearings. Does Barbara Mikulski sit on that committee? I'd better stop.

Christine Todd Whitman's new book: It's My Party Too. Taking it back from those crazy Bush folks, who happen to know how to win elections. Someone get her the map, the map of the votes. Taking it back? Did she ever have it? She waits until page three to really tear into Bush; she says Bush's 3% margin is the lowest for an incumbent in history. This, she says, is a tragedy. Well, with so much voter fraud going on in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, with the Democrats stealing all the votes (that's a nod to Keith Olbermann and Air America), of course it's the smallest margin. It's lucky they counted any real votes at all.

She tells of all the frustrations she had with all these antigovernment folks who hold too much sway over the Republican Party. She's pro-government, she wants to be part of a nice, calm, big, bloated, mushy government, big around the waist. She's got her track shoes on and she's racing to the left. Of course this book of all books is coming out on Inauguration week, to maximum publicity, and dollars. Maybe she didn't get tickets to the ball. By the time Katie Couric gets through with her, by the time Hardball gets through with her--four times a night--she'll sell a few. Chris Matthews is salivating; he can't wait to get this on.

Newsweek is telling all about the Kerry campaign, with blind quotes from campaign staffers--also known as Mike McCurry, The Snake. Why anyone would have that guy working on their campaigns. That's just an educated guess. I've had plenty of dealings with Mr McCurry so I know he's not on the up and up. If you are a Democrat and you are reading this Newsweek tomorrow, written by Democrats and written by Eleanor Clift and Evan Thomas and that whole left-wing operation, you have got to be mighty depressed. It's not only the trashing and salacious details, it's also the writers, who I'm sure voted for Kerry. They're cracking all over the place on many fault lines, and it ain't pretty.

The New York Times is still going: Oh, the blogs! Why are they calling people who write on the internet "bloggers"? They tried this with me-zine, a term they used to marginalize people on the internet who don't have backing from the Big Media. What's up with that? Knock it off, Mainstream Media. You're sick, you're dying, stop trying to marginalize the New Media.

Where is the CBS report on the forged documents? Apparently they're still investigating. Up until last week they were still interviewing people involved in the case. I think there have been several preliminary reports and they've gone back. Something is up here. In the meantime, Andrew Heyward, President of CBS News, has paid a visit to the White House. Heyward, who is trying to save his hide, was working overtime to convince the White House that neither CBS nor Dan Rather has a vendetta against them. Yeah, we believe that one. The President of CBS News groveling, saying sorry, sorry, we'll try harder next time. Maybe CBS will give him a pass. It's just one mistake, what the heck. Just don't do it again, Andrew.

Major props to Brian Williams who has won every single night since he's taken over for Tom Brokaw. Except for one night. ABC finally won a night--it was the night Peter Jennings was off, which would make me nervous if I were Peter Jennings. We wish Brian Williams luck. I wouldn't want to be a Big Three anchorman going into the 21st Century.

Barbara Streisand's "truth alert" says Bush is driving the economy into the ground. Do a control-f, and you get weak economy, weak economy, weak economy, our failing economy. And yet, if you count all the box office receipts for Streisand's movie, which has only been open for 12 days, $163,430,000 for Senator Yentl Streisand. For Meet the Fockers. Her B.O. is smelling beautiful. This is with a weak economy, an economy digging into the ground. The money is pouring in; they can't even count it fast enough. If the economy is so bad, darling, why is this happening? I guess that's apples and oranges, or that's gefilte fish and horseradish or something. Only $12 million this weekend for Oceans 12. Too many wrinkles in George Clooney's face, or too much Botox in Brad Pitt's face. Allegedly. By the way, Barbara Streisand doesn't have one close-up in the movie. Don't shoot her from the left, don't shoot her from the right, shoot her from across the room.


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