Change of Address

We've moved things around a bit. If all goes as planned, the old links should still work, and nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong...

With several hundred entries under our cyber-belt, we thought that J$P could stand a bit of organization. So everything has been reshuffled into these three categories:
  • transcripts & media: our instant transcripts and video/audio clips
  • slanders & lies: we expose the falsehoods of the anti-Fox fanatics
  • addenda & anomalies: off-topic posts, housekeeping, and anything that doesn't fit in the first two categories

This much-needed departmentalization has one unfortunate side-effect: some of the individual URLs are changed. To our pleasant surprise, the iblog software did not remove the old files when it put the new versions in their new folders, so old links will still take you to the article you were looking for. Some might call it a bug; we say it's a feature!

For all the effort it took, we're not sure it was worth messing with in the first place. But, too late to turn back now. If nothing else, at least it will sow confusion among our enemies. As if they needed more.

posted: Wed - March 2, 2005 at 10:59 PM       j$p  send