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Mon - December 24, 2007

'It Bothers Me Every Day'

J$P Audio! Ann Coulter defends Ron Paul...sort of.

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Sat - December 22, 2007

'A Mission Too Big Even for the Military'

J$P Video! The viewers of Fox news come through--in spades.

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'The Swing Back Is Coming'

J$P Video! The Fox News Watch panel analyzes Christmas campaign ads.

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Fri - December 21, 2007

'There Is No Bar'

J$P Audio! Rich Galen insists that Fred Thompson is on track to win the nomination.

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Mon - December 17, 2007

'Did You Not Co-Host with Goebbels?'

J$P Video! Charles Grodin brings down the house on Hannity & Colmes.

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'There It Goes! There's the Alarm!'

J$P Video! A chemical explosion at the Fox News headquarters.

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'You All Have a Great Way with a Turn of Phrase'

J$P Video! Senator Hillary Clinton makes her debut on Fox & Friends.

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Sat - December 15, 2007

'This Is Why People Hate the Media'

J$P Video! The News Watch panel analyzes this week's Iowa debates.

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Fri - December 14, 2007

'It Is So Depressing to Them Over There'

J$P Audio! John Gibson wonders if Chris Matthews and MSNBC are getting desperate.

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Thu - December 13, 2007

'Inspirational, Almost Kennedyesque'

J$P Video! Frank Luntz's focus group of 29 Democratic voters picks the winner of today's debate.

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'It Is in the Book of Mormon'

J$P Audio! Carl Cameron rates the Iowa GOP debate and has some unique insights on the 2008 race.

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'He Calls Himself a Reporter'

J$P Audio! John Gibson fisks David Shuster.

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Wed - December 12, 2007

'It Was More Like a Huckabomb'

J$P Video! Frank Luntz's focus group picks the winner of today's GOP debate.

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'It's Set on 90 Right Now!'

J$P Video! Mark Littell demonstrates the Nutty Buddy.

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Tue - December 11, 2007

'He's Basically Saying: Prosecute Me'

J$P Audio! Wayne Simmons on the secret CIA tapes.

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