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'That Was Retribution'

J$P Audio! Major Garrett says Obama's snub was payback, and talks bailouts & bankruptcy:

From Brian and the Judge, May 1 2009

"He was warned?"
The White House really showed a thin skin by acting so childishly to a good business decision on the part of Fox Broadcasting.
The low ratings, the lack of new information from the president and the totally vacuous questions that were put forth by most of the reporters showed Fox was right in not wasting primetime programming.
Major had a good question prepared. At least it would have tested the mettle of this very untested man.
The other nets were played....they did not take advantage of the opportunity to test the new President, they got lower numbers than they would have if they just put on their shows AND they lost millions of dollars in revenue from commericals!
I really think the next time the administration wants such coverage, there may be a lot less enthusiasm.
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Kirk G
NBC will be the last to cover one of these in prime time.
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Mike C.
So, the payback wasn't for the Tea Party coverage. It was for airing "Lie to Me" on the Fox network instead of the press conference. I guess if the CW had a news division, they wouldn't have been called on, either.
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Mike C.
A Wall Street Journal-NBC poll, Keith. But they're still the Murdoch Street Journal [Ding!], right?
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I've never given Major Garrett much thought one way or the other.
This is the first time I remember hearing him go so deep into a subject and essentially off the cuff.
I am very impressed. I think FNC could make more use of him in larger segments. I think he would really excell based on what I heard today.
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so what, fox broadcast didnt air obama, he was on every other channel.
didnt obama speech only get 29 million viewers? down from the last time??
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obama is actiing like a child, wah- didnt obama know foxnews was airing it obama should have picked major garrett.
one channel doesnt air him and obama has to get even? isnt that juvenile/highschoolish??
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di butler
Major is no idealogue. There are times I don't agree with his take with things, but I fully support him due to his honesty and professionalism. Great guy, who is a top notch reporter. Fox is lucky to have him.
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Mike C.
He's no ideologue, but Keith Olbermann portrayed as one tonight in WPitW, naming him Worser. Of course, BOR was Worse.
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Mike C.
Portrayed him as one.
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Once again Olbermann broke his promise to be as critical of the democrats in power as he was with the republicans.
It is Garrett's informed conclusion that he was passed over in the presser because Fox Broadcasting did not cover it live. Olbermann would have been apoplectic if the tables were reveresed, NBC networking had gone with their regular programming and Bush had passed over the NBC NEWS reporter.
Instead he accuses a good journalist of being partisan. Talk about hypocrisy.
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I agree - Major is extremely articulate and Fox should really utilize him more. I am SOOO impressed. Major Garrett - My new hero
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We need Fox News to report this stuff because I don't see it anywhere else. No wonder the Dems want the Fairness Doctrine back.

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The Fox network didn't air that press conference, but Fox News broadcast it. What was his damned problem, then?
Oh, I get it. He wants total attention on television.

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That's right newton. Also, Fox Broadcasting made it possible to have a show get better ratings than a Presidential press conference....which it did. LIE TO ME was number one for FOX in the time period, during sweeps, no less. Kind of embarrassing for Obama if you ask me.
Also, the trend lines were not good. The President drew a good percentage less than the previous presser (I believe I read he dropped around 20%).
The nets have cable news outlets, CSPAN and PBS covering the event live....they should have gone with their entertainment programming. But The White House applied pressure and they caved....all except the smart guys at Fox....Major Garrett paid the price but Obama looks petty and small.
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johnny dollar
Welcome, readers of Hot Air, Instapundit, and BillOReilly.com. And thanks for linking to us!
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I agree with others on here, Major Garrett should definitely be used more. He seems to have a better temperment than Shep is having these days.

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Wonderful video! And we are supposed to believe The One is not taking names? Perhaps if he answered this type of question, he would have more viewers!
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major garrett is HOT!
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I respect Major and this response the the WH does not surprise me. It trully is a shame.
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