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2007: Top Ten Audios

With the increasing penetration and popularity of Fox News radio programming, this year brought us a bumper crop of clips from the unpredictable world of talk radio. Here are the top ten audios of 2007:

#10 - Judge Andrew Napolitano was outraged over the treatment of The Andrew Meyer; he said it was Like a Pig to the Slaughter.

#9 - Talk radio attracts all kinds, as Alan Colmes found when a listener told him You're a Paid Agent for the Homosexual Hit Crowd.

#8 - Two Fox radio hosts met in a sterling example of "fair and balanced". Judge Napolitano explained his new book to John Gibson, who incredulously asked: You're Telling Me George Bush Is a Tyrannical Dictator?

#7 - John Gibson exposed a bitter blue blog war when a former Daily Kos blogger unloaded on Markos: You Want Dirt? You Got Dirt.

#6 - Who blew the whistle on Don Imus's racist comments? Media Matters claims credit, but they weren't first. Here is the broadcast that actually broke the story: Those Racists at Fox.

#5 - Judge Napolitano offered some free legal advice to Stephen Colbert, and said I Would Argue It Before the South Carolina Supreme Court. Colbert was listening and when he phoned in The Judge told him: If You Appeal This Decision You'll Win.

#4 - A good portion of John Gibson's radio program is devoted to commentary on media coverage and bias. He used to work at MSNBC and knows many of the people there, and that made for some fascinating radio. Here are some primo examples: He Was Waving a Knife at Me, Telling Me to Shut Up, When I Was at NBC, That Got You Fired, The Recently Demoted General Manager of MSNBC.

#3 - Judge Andrew Napolitano once again demonstrates that Fox is nothing but White House propaganda: This Isn't Alice in Wonderland.

#2 - Another regular feature on the Gibson show is the dramatic reading of comments culled from favorite blue blogs. These are a few of the best: Cut Out Her Innards, It Was the Brownshirts, Hitler Looks Good to These People.

And the #1 audio clip of 2007... a bizarre, even surreal discussion with 9/11 truthers whose ultimate argument is We're Going to Be on Coast-to-Coast AM:

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