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The Drips Continue, Now with Extra Hypocrisy!

We posted about it last week, but it hasn't stopped. In fact, it has increased. It's how the Fox haters smear FNC not by what they say, but what they don't say.

It's a favorite tactic of the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob): the "invisible man". Complain about somebody who appeared on Fox as "proof" that it's all right-wing "propaganda", but deliberately leave out any guests or interview subjects that don't fit the spin. They are rendered invisible in the quest to slander Fox.

It couldn't have gotten any more egregious and desperate than Monday. The newsmutts summarized Fox & Friends thusly:

Steve Doocy from Fox and Friends had his son, Peter, from Villanova on to talk about the campaign. This week, in another show of cronyism, he was brought back in with 20 (hand picked?) students to discuss the candidates.... On another short segment, Ari Fleisher said that people are lying to poolsters [sic]
And? That's it? So the whippets would have you believe. But you will recall that Monday both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were interviewed on Fox & Friends, live. The two Presidential candidates of the Democratic Party on FNC, but it doesn't fit the propaganda purposes of the haters, so Donna pretends like they were never on. The credulous are none the wiser.

It's not just the hounds either. Our pal sknabt has taken to outsourcing his slanders by uncritically linking to sites like this one, where the same deceptive trickery is in play:
Wonder if Bill happened to mention to her staff that on the same show they would bring on Dennis Miller to eviscerate her (what, wasn't Dick Morris available?)... Careful, Barack. If you're really considering coming on with O'Reilly, don't be surprised if your appearance on the Factor is followed by a interview critique by Jeremiah Wright.
Now first understand the mindset here. Giving two interview segments to a Democrat and then letting someone with an opposing viewpoint speak for one segment is evil. You have to give every segment to a Democrat or a liberal. Even one interview with Dennis Miller is proof of bias.

But we were talking about invisible men. After the Hillary interview aired, O'Reilly interviewed not Dennis Miller, but rather Tanya Acker and Nancy Skinner, two Democrats, both of whom praised Senator Clinton's performance. Odd. Neither sknabt nor the OpEd "news" website bothered to mention that. That would make three segments featuring Democrats and liberals vs poor, lonely Dennis Miller. They can't have anyone knowing that! (Similarly, on the following night, after the Hillary segments there was commentary by Laura Ingraham and Clinton supporter Lanny Davis.)

Today brings us another classic example from newspoodle Donna:
Studio B Says John McCain in Money Crunch -Gives McCain Another Commercial.
While Studio B bragged that John McCain raised 9 million in 2 days for his campaign, it pales as far as what Barack Obama has raised. But they still said that McCain was so far back behind Obama, it served as a commercial for John McCain. They've run many of these so called 'commercials' for McCain in the past few weeks.... So, does this make you want to give money to the 'poor' McCain campaign? Comment: The segments are meant to fire up the base to send money to McCain, saying how much money Obama has.
Umm, this is beyond stupid. Not to mention downright confusing. It wasn't that long ago that the bowsers were bellyaching that Fox wasn't covering McCain's fundraising enough, in order to "brush bad news about Republicans under the rug"! But wait, there's more. Here's Donna herself, in her own words:
What about the Republican candidates money issues? Very little is said about them.... Why didn't they talk about the financial status of the Republican candidates? Fox - unfair and unbalanced.
So let's see if we have this straight. If Fox reports McCain is behind on money that's biased. If Fox doesn't report that McCain is behind on money that's biased too. Don't try to make sense out of such naked hypocrisy. It's hound logic.

But we were talking about invisible men. Did you notice Donna's words? "They still said" McCain is behind in fundraising. Who is the "they"? What Republican propagandist was teaming up with Shepard Smith to put on a "commercial" for John McCain?

The shocking answer? Chris Kofinis of the John Edwards campaign, and a lifelong Democratic activist.

No wonder Donna didn't identify him. No wonder he had to be made the latest "invisible man". The drip, drop, drip of deception continues.

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huffpo and kos are "mainstream?" Do 70% of huffpo's and kossacks want to control the borders? I would be interested in seing any evidence that points to the fact that huffpos and kos kiddies are "mainstream."
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