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Fox News Channel Flashback 1999

J$P Video! Hannity & Colmes, Jane Skinner, Paula Zahn, and more:

From Fox News Channel, 1999

johnny dollar
I stumbled across this at the end of an old VHS tape. I thought it might be interesting.
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Republican Killa
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Sorry but Skinner is still pretty as ever.
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And Colmes is still obnoxious as ever!
Paula Zahn really had it made back then, didn't she? Too bad she jumped over to CNN. I know she had many time slots over at CNN, but she never really did as well as she did on her "Edge" program at FNC.
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Johnny, it's so sad to see the woman, Republican Killa, who says she is a "6' 190 lbs 27 year-old..." who is also " From Minnesota. With a bachelor's in PR/Philosophy" consistently...so...so...ummm.... emasculated... on this site...
Tsk... :D
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It is cool to see FNC before they were #1.
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Mike Chimeri
It's always fun to look back. "H&C" may be irritating to me, but it's been a winning formula since Day 1 of FNC.
It's also great that Johnny can delete messages from radical trolls like RK. OTM is a minor troll and a dissenting point of view. You have to give him credit for showing up and challenging us, even though he's incredibly misguided...with all due respect.
Jane hasn't changed a bit all these years later.  
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Missy: Surely you know that Paula Zahn's ratings at FNC never grew like O'Reilly and H&C. Eventually she got into an ugly contract dispute with Ailes and left for CNN. Greta, who had soured on CNN was hired as her replacement.
In retrospect, the "trade" of anchors was a steal for Fox. Zahn never found her mojo at CNN while Greta has prospered on FNC.
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Vince P
I like Greta. Especially when she turns off her "I'm a Professional" mode and her personality comes through.
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thanks for the flashback
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