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Fair and Balanced: Live and in Color

J$P Video! Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer grill the McCain and Obama campaigns. "Fair and Balanced" is not just a slogan:

From America's Newsroom, September 15 2008

Megyn was tougher than Hemmer. I would conclude that it was an attempt to be "fair and balanced" but the result was a slight imbalance favoring the Obama camp.
Megyn seems to have adopted a Ceceliaesque kick butt and take names attitude to folks who are spinnin' and grinnin' and anyone making false accusations against her, her colleagues or her network.
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That's my girl!
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Mike C.
For the McCain part, Tucker Bounds drove me crazy. For the Obama part, Bill Burton drove me more crazy. I wanted to shake him. Kudos to Megyn and Bill.
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Mike C.
One other thing: the Bill Burton grilling is sure to be Worst Persons material.
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After you told me it worked I tried it again, same result so I tried Internet Explorer which is working just fine.
Just FYI I was able to log on other sites that use Haloscan.
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