3/21/09 11:50 PM

'Do Not Pull This on Me!'

J$P Video! A lively discussion of Obama "bitter" comments:

From The Strategy Room, April 13 2008

On The Mark
Good clip. Thanks.
The Panel on Wallace was interesting, yesterday as well. The irony of Hume and Kristol talking about anyone who they believe to be an arrogant elitist is rich with irony which completely blew over them. That aside, the discussion was largely on target. This was an unfortunate comment.
I do think that the Republicans will try to use this against Obama in the Fall (obviously presuming Obama secures the nomination, as I think he will), but I do not know how well this will work. It may, but I do think we may have turned the corner on this type of politics, perhaps leaving Kristol and Hume on the corner in a beat up Nova arguing over whether to pop the Association or Herman's Hermits into the 8-Track. To the extent the nomination of McCain was a rejection of Guiliani, Romney and Thompson, I should have thought that was clear. Perhaps, Kristol and Hume can be real menschen and offer Clinton a ride, although word is she travels with Paul Revere and the Raiders.
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"unfortunate" says philby. Could you hate Hume or Kristol any more? We've turned no corner. McCain and Hillary have every right to use obamas asinine comment against him every chance they get. I will cheer loudly when they do.
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