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'Take It Now!'

J$P Video! Brit thought his mic wasn't open. This wasn't the first glitch, but it was the loudest:

From You Decide '08 Coverage, February 19 2008

I think Fox and the rest of the cable news oulets were saved by Obama going on and on and on from filling time with the call for Obama so early
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Mike Chimeri
Outside of the Fox hating world, this will be forgotten so fast. I'll even forget the audio interference in the closing moments of the coverage. You know, that annoying high-pitched buzzing (buuuup-bup-bu-dup, bup-bu-dup, bup-bu-dup) that you hear on speakers, usually when somebody's cell phone is in use or ringing.
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On The Mark
I surfed more than usual last night due to the on-going speeches. The graphics and crawls were the only updates available. MSNBC and FNC broke very quickly to Obama, while CNN lingered just a bit longer with Clinton. All three outlets had to make tough calls, and the situation emphasized the mix of news and entertainment that cable news has become. 
McCain gave a far better speech than some of his previous efforts have produced, but there was still so little energy. 
Clinton's speech did not particularly break any new ground, but it was solid. It all seemed to be too staged. A bit tired ....
The energy and the (perceived) spontaneity of the Obama speech, particularly the first 20 minutes or so, was just too much to pass up. I don't think anyone could fault Hume for understanding the interest in it.
All three (3) outlets seemed to be a bit off guard with the speed and the size of the Obama win last night. I kow I was. I'm sure all of the commentators think through a scenario and come up with a script. The scripts did not seem to be working last night. MSNBC seemed particularly befuddled. After Scarbrough's prediction yesterday of a Clinton win in Wisconsin, he really could not seem to focus on his role as panel narrator. He acted like the sole commentator. It was a mess, with the affable Scarbrough chattering away, and the more qualified panelists trying in vain to offer something.
The higher than usual degree of substance to the Obama speech also seemed to rattle the ultimate policy wonk, Rove. I think he left the house without a pencil and couldn't recall any of the specifics. He fell make on some over-used labels very quickly.
Cooper was stuttering and rattling more than usual.
I suppose everyone gets a pass, but it wasn't cable news' best night.
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