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'Watch the NeoCons Grab This!'

J$P Audio! The blue blogs react to the Bhutto assassination:

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From The John Gibson Show, December 27 2007

meanwhile that jug-eared dumbass obama uses the tragedy to attack anyone who wanted to liberate iraq or spread democracy (exactly what bhutto stood for)... specifically hillary.
then u have the abulance chasin breck girl running off to make calls with pervez. (it makes me sick to think of these dingbats like edwards ,pelosi, hillary, or whatever other dingbat liberal it is who "represents america" representing america. the last thing in the world i want is the breck girl screwing things up with pervez or anyone else. these are the last americans who should be acting as ambassador.
...richardson is another extremely slow retard. same for dodd. theyre all basically completely inept compared to hillary. pathetic party, the dems. only that token plant, alan keyes, looks as pathetic on the republican side.
obama has got to be the worst, using this bhutto assasination to make (try to) himself look smart and basically blame america (bush, hillary, congress,anyone who realizes free countries dont go to war with each other) for what happened. obama misses uday kusay, saddam and all their forces of death. he absolutely wishes the hellhole would've remained as it was, because he hates america and saddam's iraq brainwashed its people to do the same. obama like that, because hes a @#$%^&*! idiot. enough to use a woman's murder to advance his political career. then again, maybe hes not an idiot, hes talking to his no class liberal base. just scum.
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i hate olby and his ilk. these people hate clear thinking and its ilk. all those quotes are from sites i just don't go to. theres no resoning with them. they're whiney. they're liars. they are depressing. all that and more.
...buts its nice to have someone else read it, go through all the frustration (if they are a clear thinker) and then mockingly but accurately let me know what was said. kinda like what those newsmutts say, right? "we watch so u don't have to" yep, those web communities are sleazy places run by sleazy people who have no intention of fostering a community that engages in thoughtful conversation. its edit and delete that which they disagree, and roll around in the slop, orgasmically, at anything that blames america first and has a point second.
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You guys are amazing. NO real arguments on policy just cursing and hate speech. 
How pitiful that you guys couldn't even spend 24 hours morning the loss of such a wonderful leader and to take a page from her, you might want to try to love your country just a little. 
Your hating the wrong people....
its almost retarded...fox news and not the people that are killing people every day.
check out all the killings ...why don't you
education and not hate may be a better path for you...oh and yes maybe a little GOD....here let me spell it.... G_O_D... Lord knows, the left needs some.
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Nice new place, J$!
Thanks for all of the great work.
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ana coachella
i def. think bush deserves a break on this - what bush tried to do in pakistan was the right thing - here we have bush using benazir to try to forward democracy in pakistan as opposed to war and bombs - i really think that the liberals should praise bush for this
this seems to me to be lost in the shuffle
bush is in a tricky situation with musharraf - i think its becoming more clear that musharraf was behind or at least negligent in the assasination of bhutto. but bush has no choice but to use musharraf now - i praise bush for finding a way forward through bhutto - and i praise bhutto for risking her life to keep peace in pakistan
thats the missed story i think
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