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'You're Begrudging Him His Success'

J$P Video! Shep and Chris Wallace goof about Glenn Beck Friday, then Shep talks with Glenn:

From Studio B, March 6 2009

Olby Sucks
The left wing loons are already spinning this every way possible.  
"Shep hates Beck!"
"Wallace hates Shep!"
LOL! They of course only show one little snip of the exchange. Shocker!
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American Pundit Fighting
Wow. So much material for "Punditry as Pro-wrestling" this week. Jim Cramer VS Jon Stewart and now Shep Smith VS Glenn Beck.
This seemed good natured and Glenn Beck's brand of showmanship is worth pointing out. It's nice to see that there is a climate on Fox where the hosts can goof off each other. It seems that's there's more cover to criticise when you are stablemates (on same network)
Glenn Beck is undoubtedly the most theatrical pundit on TV but its nice to see Beck in interview format where he is more subdued.
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johnny dollar
Not just the left is reacting that way. HotAir linked to our video (thanks!) are there are comments there saying Shep is jealous of Beck etc. Even Michelle Malkin said something like good thing Chris Wallace is sticking up for Beck. I mean you don't have to watch Wallace for long to find him teasing Brian Kilmeade, or tweaking Shep etc. It's his style of humor, guys!
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Olby Sucks
People take Wallace so serious because he is a serious journalist. That doesn't mean he can't let loose and have a little fun once in a while like I think he was doing. All 3 of them were having fun. The left is just desperate to attack Fox News by making mountains out of nothing.
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Fox Fan
O'Reilly also jokingly insults Doocy on the culture quiz segments and has an ongoing faux disdain for Cavuto. It makes them more human, more like the fun pokes people play in the workplace.
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They do this allll day long on Fox. I work at home, and I see it from Fox and Friends in the a.m., to Greta VS every nite. I think most of them get along really well. I don't care for Shep, he ticked me off during Katrina, and then again when he had his tirade a couple of months ago about the "No bias in the media" bull crap. I will say though, for the most part, he is decently fair. Fox has a good many Dems there, and Indeps, they just don't act like raving loonies and sycophants as they do on the other channels. I read the comments on HA> The weird thing about that blog, everyone seems to take whatever tone the person who posted the original story has. Ed has them moved more Cons, the AP will post and most will go his way about the story. Weird and Stockholmish, sometimes. Good blog, tho, for the most part.
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The thing that needs to happen, is for Fox to swap Glenn Beck and Shep Smith's time slots, so that more Americans have the opportunity to see Glenn. With Glenn leading into Bill O'Reilly's show, it would increase viewership for big Bill as well.
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Wasn't there a link posted here recently, where a writer expressed their surprise when appearing on FNC, that the work environment was very pleasant and supportive, and the staff had much camaraderie?
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johnny dollar
I remember that.
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I remember that.
johnny dollar | Homepage | 03.14.09 - 11:32 am | #  
And here I thought that you just argue with posters and look at the pictures...  
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