7/7/09 9:15 AM

'We Are Not Liars!'

J$P Video! Nancy Pelosi discussion sparks fireworks:

From The Live Desk, May 15 2009

Raw meat. I love it.
The democrat on the panel calls the very people Nancy Pelosi called liars, "professionals." That's a nice sentiment but what is the evidence that that is really believed by the democrat party leadership?
Darn those unintended consequences of petty partisan politics.
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Good heavens is Martha McCallum a doll, or what?
Oh, and that Democrat hack was a pathetic twit. Simons left her with nothing to do but stammer about the Bush Administration, as if they have anything to do with anything.
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W. A.
This thing's not growing legs but jet engines.  
Politics/sociology are the only areas of my life that gets more bazaar as I get older.
Martha is great but FOX should strive to field an intelligent opponent to those on the panel. This was embarrassing but then again not to a liberal.  
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Olby Sucks
Kudos to Bret Bair for covering a story nobody else will. The Savage/uk story.
May 15, 2009, 8:11:22 PM EDT – Like – Reply

sorry but I watched it and thought martha let maria go on and on, the cia guy wanted to counter her but martha goes to maria just a tad more, she was allowed to really get her say, good for the cia guy taking up for the cia
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