1/18/10 12:34 PM

Fox Haters Week in Review

Uh-oh. Looks like someone's been caught lying again. Who could it possibly be? Answers in the latest thrill-packed edition of Fox Haters Week in Review!

A Big Fat Nothing:
As we have noted, Fox Haters will eagerly attack FNC for covering a story, even though they weren't the only ones doing so, or even the first. So began this manufactured controversy courtesy of Talking Points Memo, who put up a video under the headline:

Fox News: Is Surgeon General Appointee Too Fat?
In fact, this issue had already been broached by left-leaning Salon.com, and further advanced by ABC News. But what do Fox haters care about that? Ellen (Queen Bee of the newshounds) was quick to jump on the bandwagon:
Classless Fox News “Asks” If Surgeon General Nominee Is “Too Fat” For The Job. Is there no tactic too low for Fox News to use against the Obama administration?
The headline in the Salon article that started all this?
Is Regina Benjamin too fat to be surgeon general?
But don't you understand? It's only "classless" when Fox does it!

What really exposes this kerfuffle as an empty shell is that it's obvious that Cavuto is defending Regina Benjamin. He says to his guest:
If she's 50-60 pounds overweight then I'm a separate planet.
She'd still make a darn good Surgeon General, maybe someone with more empathy for the obesity epidemic.
Now how do you know anything about her lifestyle?
That's a blanket indictment.
No, no, no, I've run with that for most of my life so I don't agree with you.
What are you talking about?
I hope the day comes when you gain a few pounds and they say we think you shouldn't head this gym.
See for yourself:

Even the chyron is on her side, referring to Benjamin's critics as "the fat police". But don't tell that to the haters:
  • It amazes me that Cavuto and others questioning the size of the surgeon general nominee are not svelte, but, hey, they are white and male.
  • Fox News: Surgeon General Too Fat
  • She may be a size 18 or even 20, opines [sic] the not so skinny themselves broadcasters and commenters on Fox News.
  • Fox News ripped into President Obama's choice for surgeon general yesterday for being too fat for the job.
  • Fox news, Neil Cavuto, Michael Karolchyk and others who seek to denigrate Dr. Benjamin’s accomplishments by calling her fat.
  • Apparently, Fox News' Neil Cavuto thinks that the new Surgeon General nominee, Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, is "too fat" for the post.
Many of the above sites actually included the video of the segment, so either they didn't watch it themselves, or just lied about its content. Kudos to Ryan Witt, for seeing clearly:
I personally watched the entire interview live.  While Cavuto's "expert" did say she was fat Cavuto was much more careful in his remarks and at times in fact called out his interviewee for mistaken remarks....As for Cavuto, while I have certainly been a critic of Fox News before in this case I must come to his defense.  In the interview Cavuto was careful in his remarks and did confront the "expert" rather than simply letting him accuse the Surgeon General unreasonably.

Deja Vu All Over Again
Old lies about Fox News never die--they just get recycled in the echo chamber. Leave it to Keith Olbermann's blog of choice to regurgitate this claim about ex-FNC producer Aaron Bruns:
A Fox News (R) producer has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for the possession of child pornography.
As we know Bruns is not a Republican at all but a liberal George Soros backer. Meanwhile another writer falsely insists that the "Fox News Channel" championed the moon hoax conspiracy theory. And then there's this gloriously incoherent ramble predictably conflating Fox broadcast with FNC:
i herd that fox (one of the worlds largest networks) will not be broadcasting live press coverage from president obama. i mean its not a big deal to me considering i dont watch his press coverage at all, but its kind of a controversial subject considering that fox signed a non-binding agreement to air his press coverage. this basically means that is being payed by the government to air obamas press coverage but since the agreement is non binding, they dont necessarily have to broadcast it. i mean from what i heard, obama only speaks about the issues for a brief period of time, then can let you continue watching your show. but its totally awesome how fox news nexwork would rather show people falling off obstacle courses in their series "wipe out" than to update us on the status of our country.....mabye somebody needs to reprioritize??

No Flipping!
It's not exactly a new concept. Anyone who has seen a formal debate knows how it works. A proposition is stated, e.g.: Resolved, that tax cuts do not spur the economy. Then both sides have at it. You'll find this every week as part of Forbes on Fox It's called the "Flipside": a controversial proposition, often countering conventional wisdom, is debated by the panel. Here are several recent examples: Now, what was the "Flipside" resolution on July 18th?
Minimum wage hike to $7.25/hr: Terrible for all workers!
All of a sudden the newsliars decided to take this one particular "Flipside" segment and paint it as a corporate editorial by FNC:
Fox News: Minimum Wage Hike “Terrible For All Workers!” On Saturday’s (7/18/09) Forbes on Fox, the “we report, you decide” network, during a discussion about the pending minimum wage raise, posted a banner on the screen that said, “Minimum wage hike to $7.25/hr: Terrible for all workers!”
Yes, a banner on the screen, just like every one of the "Flipside" topics listed above. And just like all of them, clearly labeled "Flipside":

We didn't see the baised bassets objecting to any of those other "Flipside" topics when they were posted on the screen. Yet this time they pretend it's an outrage, without telling their readers the truth. This is no mistake; it's deliberate deception. One week earlier, the "Flipside" topic was:
Stimulate America with More Welfare, Food Stamps!
Did the whippets blast out a headline, claiming this was the position of Fox News? Did they object when it was posted in a banner on the screen?

Not at all. They headlined their "report" not with the Flipside topic, but a rewritten one of their own--Let Them Eat Tax Cuts--and never even mentioned the banner on the screen that one week later they would dishonestly denounce as proof of Fox "bias".

Only the News that Fits the Tint:
Possibly the biggest fraud perpetrated by the anti-Fox terriers (and other hate sites) is the Lie of Omission. Cherry-picking is a favorite tactic of propagandists, since by being selective they can promote any meme they like, and they think this insulates them from accusations of fabrication. That's why the harriers got their tails in a twist over Greta's interview with Limbaugh: after all she didn't "challenge" him. (Doesn't "You're rooting for failure; I'm rooting for success" count?) Oddly, the beagles forgot to complain that Greta didn't challenge Hillary Clinton during their recent sit-down. Maybe that's because the hounds didn't even do a post on it! Perhaps the rule at the kennel is: if we don't write about it, it didn't happen!

An even more egregious example came when they looked to make hay over the Ralph Peters kerfuffle. A blaring headline tells us that 23 Congressional Veterans want an apology, and the post goes on to quote from their letter. But wait. Why do we see the infamous three dots? Because some of the letter's text was deleted. What could it be? Well surprise, surprise. The poodles (just like Media Matters) took pains to leave this out:
We recognize and credit anchor Julie Banderas' efforts to make it clear that Mr. Peters' positions were not that of Fox News.
Then there's the charming Priscilla, who recycles a post from Media Matters to slam FNC:
Megyn Kelly provided a platform for a rabidly anti abortion congressman (0 rating from NARAL and 100 from National Right to Life) Joe Pitts to express his views without a pro choice counterpoint....There was no attempt, on Kelly’s part, to present a counterpoint to the argument....But there you have it – “America’s Newsroom” – but only if you’re anti abortion!
Prissy repeated the charge just today, as part of a new diatribe:
As the mouthpiece for the Christian right, Fox News, does seem to provide a voice for the anti choice crowd with little or no counterpoint representing the majority of Americans who believe in a women’s right to an abortion....Last week, Megyn Kelly interviewed an anti abortion congressman about his view of proposals (only that nothing more) about abortion vis-à-vis the health care debate. On Friday, Roman Catholic priest Frank Pavone was given a softball interview.... “Fair and balanced” – don’t think so.... Gallagher provided absolutely no counterpoint to Pavone’s talking points – but then, that probably was the game plan.... The anti choice lobby, aided and abetted by Fox News, only want you to hear the anti abortion side.
Pavone was concerned that the healthcare bill might punish hospitals if they don't do abortions. So why didn't Fox interview someone with an opposing view? Guess what? They did! Only Priscilla didn't tell you. Immediately after the Pavone interview, they went to a Democratic Congressman who disagreed with Pavone and pointed out that the bill contained a "conscience clause" protecting Catholic hospitals:

Oh, and that earlier Megyn Kelly interview that Prissy whined about? The one "without a pro-choice counterpart"? "No attempt to present a counterpoint to the argument"? The truth? Megyn Kelly did a second interview, specifically introduced as the counterpoint to the earlier one, with a pro-choice NARAL supporter:

Again, Prissy doesn't tell you about it. Instead she says they only gave one side, that it was Pitts's view "and nothing more". In other words, the newshounds lied. Yet again.

Spot something you'd like to see in the next Fox Haters Week in Review? Send us an email!

Yes, Johnny, this was a great week for the Hefty Heinous Hens of Houndland. They outdid themselves in their ability to lie, smear, attack, mislead and show their arrogance once again. They continue to lead the pack when it comes to distortions. ANd of course their little poodles follow along, licking up the slop along the way.
Apparently they can't keep up with their lies. I noticed that Ellen has a want ad out for help "to keep an eye" on Glen Beck. It's in the forum.
Maybe little johnt would offer his services. He seems to be very good at being ignorant.
July 26, 2009, 6:08:55 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Newshounds is and always have been immaterial. But ever since they have started to moderate comments they have become more so. They are just a bunch of whiners languishing in each other's feces who refuse to post a comment catching them in a lie or having a difference of opinion. They are to be felt sorry for, because they have no impact on anything whatsoever.
July 27, 2009, 9:23:06 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
Is it any surprise that Ellen or Priscilla don't come to their own defense or at least correct their posts when proven wrong? They monitor this site constantly but lack the cajones (or perhaps the intelligence) to respond. Even the "official johnny dollar" thread has lain dormant for weeks.  
The queen bee obviously only finds comfort in the companionship of drones.
July 27, 2009, 6:21:27 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Lil' Barry Bailout
It's quite apparent that the quality of Newshound posts has dropped significantly since Lil' Barry Bailout took office. In parallel with that, the collective IQ of the folks who comment on their posts is reaching room temperature. I'm trying to do my part to prevent Ellen from getting depressed by continuing to post there. Spiking my posts gives her something to do.
July 27, 2009, 6:26:10 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Ellen and Prissy cannot defend what they wrote, because it is proven to be false. By the same token, the official J$ thread is dormant because there's no way to spin the truth without drawing attention to their proven lies and hence looking even more fatuous and dishonest than they already are.
July 27, 2009, 7:11:16 PM EDT – Like – Reply

knuckle sandwich
Excellent post JD. Lurking the Hounds site is one of the pleasures I indulge in during my surfing.
For such a sanctimonious bunch of whiners, they should realize they are the opposite side of the far far right coin, "birthers" et al."
(side note: You busting john t makes me laugh every time. That guy is....well, we all know. Dishonesty and stoooooopid go hand in hand with him.)
July 27, 2009, 7:45:17 PM EDT – Like – Reply

"Ellen and Priscilla...don't correct their posts when proven wrong..."
Actually, Fox Fan, when their post is finally and irrevocably disproven by the Dollar Man, they usually just post a Mark-is-a-dirtbag response and call it good. This is what passes for debate in Newswoofsland.
July 28, 2009, 12:11:31 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Ellen and Prissy cannot defend what they wrote, because it is proven to be false.  
johnny dollar | Homepage | 07.27.09 - 7:16 pm | #  
First of all, thanks once again for another great haters in review post. It is always an enjoyable fact filled read that pummels the mendacious haters.
I honestly believe that Ellen and Pris-claudo take some kind of strange perverse joy with their endless stream of lies and misrepresentations. The intolerance and hatred of all who do not share their extreme left wing views is quite evident with each post that they make.
How Sad
July 28, 2009, 1:41:00 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Lil' Barry Bailout
I suppose getting pounded senseless by J$ and others whenever she posts on an actual FOX News story is the reason the Newshound has taken to commenting on FOX Nation blog comments.
July 29, 2009, 7:10:19 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Newshounds.....actual FOX News story?
ROTFLMAO! in what world has Newshound ever put up a actual FOX News story not filled with lie after lie? Its never been seen in my life time and never will!
July 29, 2009, 12:21:38 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Lil' Barry Bailout
Security Chief Urges 'Collective Fight' Against Terrorism
By Spencer S. Hsu
Washington Post Staff Writer
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano urged Americans on Wednesday to join a "collective fight against terror" that combines the efforts of individuals, companies and local, state and foreign governments.  
Remember how Newshound used to yammer about how stupid President Bush was for fighting a noun (the "war on terror")?
July 29, 2009, 8:33:21 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Ellen just admitted that she does not post comments based on the IP address.
July 31, 2009, 11:33:38 AM EDT – Like – Reply