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Wednesday Cable News Links and Open Thread

Olbermann uses his dad's illness in Special Comment.

Tuesday's numbers: FNC sweeps!

Profile: Gretchen Carlson.

Imus 2.0.  Mika's on-stage dump.

FNC's 13th.  Greta fights back.  Hotline after dark.

Fact-check flap.  Q&A: Liz Claman.  Weekly ranker.

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I was flipping through the cable channels last night around 8PM and came across, are you ready, Countdown with Keith Olbermann!!!!!
What a shock. All of a sudden my cable company decided to give me MSNBC without charging me the next tier pricing. I may just pay them to take it back.
Is this the way this clown operates? His large head takes up almost the entire screen. He is snarky and uses big words that I doubt he even understands to attack and smear anything and anyone on the right side.
His guest was Lewis Black, whom I like regardless of his leanings.
Everything thatt Black said Olbermann agreed with. There was no in depth discussion of any issues. No disagreements.
His "Worst Person" segment was like a bad comedy act on teh Ed Sullivcan Show.
It's a wonder this guy has any ratings at all.
Of course, he ends his show with the Murrow sign off.  
He fancies himself a journalist?
Where did he get his degree? At an agricultural school?
Fox has some bad segments and and goofy people but they don't pretend to be journalists.
This guy is off the charts bad.
I caught the first 5 minutes of Maddow's show. Yuck!! She has the same kind of mouth sneer as Cheney.
Hey, Comcast, here's $20 bucks. Take it back. PLEASE!!!!
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Over at Chickaboomer, there is an article about Tom Shales commenting on "what if" Sean Hannity was caught in situation similar to David Letterman's.
The article has adjoining photos of Tom Shales and Sean Hannity. What's weird is that at first glance, it looks like photos of "Hannity and Colmes", then you ask yourself "What the hell happened to Colmes?"
October 7, 2009, 1:18:10 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Ashley, I was the one who sent that info about the Tom Shales article to Marty over at the Chickaboomer...
October 7, 2009, 3:48:27 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Re: Imus
Havent watched and have no plans to watch.  
re: ranker
I still don't see FNC becoming #1 in all of cable, and now Monday Night football is back on ESPN, no wonder ESPN is number 1 (college football also) . Being number 3 in all of cable is impressive for a cable news network however.
Re: Flap: So CNN fact-checks SNL Obama skit but not Palin, Bush, McCain skit? Double standard.  
One other note: it was SNL tina fey "Sarah Palin" that coined the phrase "I can see Russia from my house" Sarah Palin never actually said it, but there are people out there that think she did
October 7, 2009, 4:34:28 PM EDT – Like – Reply

ZD - very cool. I've seen you comment there before. Shales is one weird guy. BTW - I didn't believe a word he said in that article.
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Johnny, I realize that men fear an entire jungle of wildlife far less than they do the contents of a woman's purse.  
My own laid-back husband has always adamantly refused my requests to retrieve anything from my handbag, labeling women's purses as "the blackhole of evil" and stuff like that.
Even still, don't you think you could have come up with a less pejorative title than "Mika's on-stage dump"?
October 7, 2009, 7:28:03 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
I suppose but what would be the fun in that?
October 7, 2009, 7:42:06 PM EDT – Like – Reply

The choice tonight: Dodgers/Cardinals vs. "Countdown". Albert Pujols vs. Keith Olbermann. Strength and power and speed vs. verbal vomit.
Thank you, MLB. (Heck, if they weren't on, I would be watching "Man Vs. Food" instead of "Countdown").
October 7, 2009, 7:42:33 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Keithy is apparently so angry with his fathers medical insurance company, I would ask him why buy insurance at all when his father has an uber rich son who could pay for his medical treatment out of pocket.
But Keithy wouldn't do that for his father. He chose not to.
October 7, 2009, 8:42:58 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Cecelia | 10.07.09 - 7:33 pm | #
Cece - when I read J$ note about Mika and an on stage dump, it absolutely never occurred to me that "it could never be THAT!". We're talking about MSNBC, so there didn't seem any possibility that something that far out would be implausible.
October 7, 2009, 8:49:30 PM EDT – Like – Reply

So Olbermanns father's insurance company isn't paying up?
That sounds like a common theme down there in the land of the free.
However, up here in the land of the free health care, it's a different story.
My mother just found out she was clear of any cancer four years of treatment and waiting.
It didn't cost her a cent. (well that's not entirely true. It cost her ten percent sales tax for the six months she is in this country per year.)
Maybe Olberman is just thinking about his countrymen who can't aford to pay like he can.
October 7, 2009, 9:58:01 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Even still, don't you think you could have come up with a less pejorative title than "Mika's on-stage dump"?
Cecelia | 10.07.09 - 7:33 pm | #  
The ONLY reason I checked out the "Mika's on-stage dump" link was to confirm that the "perjorative title" was NOT, in fact, an on-stage, messy #2 pile of decaffeinated Starbucks Venti Caramal Mikaato with an extra shot of Expresso Joe and 2 squirts of Brzezinskiberry syrup mishap.
I must confess, I was a little disappointed
October 7, 2009, 10:21:44 PM EDT – Like – Reply

A friend just emailed me about one phrase that Olbermann used in his commentary. It was about Americans not being able to afford to live.
What say you ashley? Is that fair since they obviously didn't do enough with their lives to afford health care?
October 7, 2009, 11:09:18 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Olbermann used his Dad's situation to try to show Americans that there are millions that would not have survived what his father did if they weren't fortunate to have money like Kieth Olbermann did.
I understand that most people here think that the media in your country has an agenda that would destroy your way of living, but what threat does Olbermann's comment pose to you?
He wants all of your countrymen to be able to receive health care so they can stay alive.
Is that bad?
If so why?
October 7, 2009, 11:25:56 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
I'm not getting into the political argument about healthcare, but I congratulate you for your open-minded view about Keith making his Dad the centerpiece of an entire hour-long commentary. I seem to recall when Glenn Beck mentioned his daughter once that a certain website put up screaming headlines about Beck 'exploiting' his daughter. And I'll bet I'd find some mighty interesting names that were seconding that emotion. I guess it depends on whether it happens on Fox or not.
October 7, 2009, 11:39:52 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Hmmm. I checked out that post that condemned Beck for 'exploiting' (i.e. making one mention of) his special-needs daughter. And among the over 100 comments I found these words of praise:
JP, nice post. You got me coming back to the mains regularly now to check things out.
Kep up the good work.
It's only wrong when it happens on Fox, example #247.
October 7, 2009, 11:45:21 PM EDT – Like – Reply

And I'll bet I'd find some mighty interesting names that were seconding that emotion.
You won't find mine.
(But to be honest, I have no idea what you are talking about when you mention Beck's daughter.)
But there were a few times I posted awhile ago that I was, shall I say, marinading some family problems?
October 7, 2009, 11:57:04 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
"You won't find mine."
Reminds me of what the cop said to the burglar: "Well then, somebody's been using your fingerprints."
October 8, 2009, 12:01:07 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Well, I guess I was wrong.
Or some one has been using my fingerprints....
But, people like Glenn Beck tend to elicit knee jerk reactions. You have to admit that is what he does.
That's what he got from me until I thought about his daughter.
But why don't people like Beck fight for the same things like Olbermann was asking for?
I can't believe that Glenn Beck thinks that since he can afford care for his daughter, everyone else in the USA can afford it. He has to know how much it costs.
Children with cerebral palsy cost a lot of money to take care of. Not to mention the emotional costs. (I am not saying the cost is not worth it)
I have worked with some cerebral palsy kids helping them to learn how to sail. They are great kids but it is a lot of work that many folks that don't earn as much money as Glenn Beck could not hope to afford.
I think the difference here is that Olbermann is trying to get help for the families who can't afford the costs to keep their loved ones functioning or alive.
P.S. Sorry I lied. But, I really don't remember that post. I tried to find it but I'm not too good at searches I guess. I do kind of remember it now though.
October 8, 2009, 12:27:10 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Well, Nipon, I'm an American and my husband and I had two periods when we we had no health insurance and had very serious illneses. Let me tell you how my very common, if you believe all the hype, American story played out.
First, we always had insurance except when it was unavailable due to a job lost, Cobra running out or prexisting conditions.
The first time around we cashed in every asset we had. It was difficult and costly b/c in addition to paying taxes we were also hit with penalties. It has effected my retirement but I can live with that.
The second time I had been sick for about six years with an unidentified illness. The first 5 1/2 years we had excellent health insurance and my life was more like a continuous episode of House. Six months after our Cobra expired I told my girl friend that I thought I was dying and didn't know what to do.
She had experience with the medical system in Louisiana for the poor and took me the next day to one of the many free clinics run by the Charity Hospital System (one of the largest hospital's in the world). I saw a doctor within three hours, had some blood work done and an appointment with a specialist set up within the month at one of their specialized clinics.
My girl friend had to stay to get some test results and we piddled around and went back to the clinic about two o'clock. A nurse walking out shrieked out my name and when I started to stand up she ordered me to sit down and that she would be right back.
She literally RAN to one of the offices, which was the Medical Director's office, and then came back running back with a wheel chair and with a grey haired doctor running behind her. The results of my blood test were beyond critical. I knew I felt poorly, to say the least.
The Doctor brought me to the Emergency Room stopping only to find out who were handling medical patients. He then brought me to one of the sections, grabbed a nuse, gave her orders for IVs and medications and monitors, put me in the bed himself and then found the Doctor on duty and brought him to my bedside and only left after consulting with the ER doctor.
I was in Charity Hospital for the next 3 1/2 months, much of it in intensive care. They finally diagnosed my illness and I had two very major surgeries in that time.
My bill was over $300.000 and it was all courtesy of the tax payers of LA.
I'm sorry that anyone has to go thru pain and suffering but that is not the real problem. I promise you that I have had my share of it and only wish that the mere fact of having insurance and/or medical treatment could magically take it all away for you, me and everyone else.
KO's father's suffering is, I am sure, very real and his loved ones no doubt suffer with him.
THAT IS A STRAW MAN FALLACY ARGUMENT KO made tonight. No amount of health care. medical insurance or money can prevent or alleviate all suffering.
The choice is not between suffering and death vs sweetness and light. I think there are many options to keep and improve upon what is after all the most advanced medical sytem in the world that accounts for a grossly disproportionate share of cutting edge procedures and protocals that benefits the whole world. I want to see the system reformed not destroyed and raised back up in KO and BHO"s image.
As ever, Johnny, I won't hold it against you if you pin the Scarlet letter Edited by Site Owner on me.
October 8, 2009, 12:29:45 AM EDT – Like – Reply

I hope you let me respond to Grammie.
This doesn't involve the Media per se, But She seems like a very nice person and I want to be nice.
Please believe me when I say I am so glad that things worked out so well for you.
You were so lucky that you have a friend who could help you out.
However, there are people in your country who have lost their health insurance because they were laid off or their company where they worked for many years shut down. They find part time jobs to put food on the table but those jobs don't provide health care. The wife finds out she has breast cancer. She has no choice of what course to take. She has no health insurance because her husband is working two part time jobs and she is trying to look after the kids.
My mother was diagnosed with Merkel Cell Carcinoma. This is a very rare type of skin cancer. She was one of eight Canadians who had it at that time. (look it up. it's not a very nice kind of cancer.)
That was four years ago.
She was treated and she is free of it and it cost nothing. Nothing.
She paid not one cent.
Which system sounds better to you?
What my mother went through or what you went through?
October 8, 2009, 1:25:10 AM EDT – Like – Reply

You're bad bad bad, Ramjet...
October 8, 2009, 5:12:11 AM EDT – Like – Reply

nipigon1, the difference between what many on the right want, and what many on the left want is not (as someone like Olbermann would suggest) maintenance of the status quo. Much of the complaints about the current system (or flaws in the current system) are recognized and acknowledged by BOTH sides.
However, the difference is in how to deal with the problem. The Democrats see the only way through the forest is to create their own government-run healthcare system, or at the very least, start us on the road towards that system. The Republicans want to maintain personal responsibility (ie: it's YOUR job to get healthcare, government is not mom), build no new substantial bureaucracies, but provide enough oversight and regulation as to make the current system more available and fair to all.
It's like having a broken down car in your driveway. Either you attempt to fix it (the Republicans), or you attempt to build a new one (the Democrats). And personally, I'm not so sure I want to get in a car built by the government.
October 8, 2009, 10:23:00 AM EDT – Like – Reply

He (Olbermann) wants all of your countrymen to be able to receive health care so they can stay alive.
Is that bad?
If so why?
nipigon1 | 10.07.09 - 11:30 pm | #  
All of my countrymen DO receive healthcare, though I'm not so sure that's what KO really wants.
Loved ones suffer. Loved ones die. No amount of money, no amount of healthcare, and certainly, no version of healthcare reform can prevent that.
Can we do a better job? Of course. But I'm not going to stretch this comment out into a political or policy debate.  
Getting back to cable news: Imagine this scenario. President GW Bush is pushing a major overhaul of the US healthcare system. Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress are crafting legislation that among other things, cuts Medicare, limits services, and raises the debt while raising taxes on all Americans. Democrats oppose the plan. Olbermann does an hour-long "Special Comment." Does he come down on the side of "Bushcare" or does he oppose the "government takeover" of 1/6 of the American economy?  
I believe Olbermann's history of disingenuousness, demagoguery, and hate filled partisan hackery would trump any honest assessment of the issue. He is who he is.
October 8, 2009, 10:26:27 AM EDT – Like – Reply

And just like Olbermann implied last night, nipigon1, you said, "...and it cost nothing. Nothing."
That's not true. Current, effective medical treatment is not free.....someone has to pay and Olbermann left a lot out about that side of the debate.
Being Santa Claus with other people's resources is easy, and Olbermann was Kris Kringle last night....and over simplistic to boot.
October 8, 2009, 12:06:21 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Olby Sucks
P.S. Sorry I lied. But, I really don't remember that post. I tried to find it but I'm not too good at searches I guess. I do kind of remember it now though.
nipigon1 | 10.08.09 - 12:32 am | #  
:lol: :lol:
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