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J$P Archives: Jan-Feb 2008

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Interesting Exchange on GretaWire

It's probably a bunch of people reading too much into an off-hand comment...unless it isn't. It all got started on GretaWire Monday morning and the... Read more

Eric Burns: 'I Was Given No Reason'

It was reported yesterday by Inside Cable News that Fox News Watch is going to be revamped, and that long-time host Eric Burns will be... Read more

Reader Poll: Should Fox Invite Ron Paul?

Shepard Smith and Greta van Susteren have weighed in. John Gibson has had his say. Now it is your turn: should Ron Paul be a... Read more

A Weekend of Special Programming

For the days leading up to the New Hampshire primary, Fox News has changed its weekend schedule. Today (Saturday): 8:00 pm EST: The O'Reilly Factor (w/ Laura... Read more

'Green Chri$Tma$'

NOTE: This post has been updated here. Stan Freberg's Christmas masterpiece. You can read the transcript, but for the full effect, listen. If you don't have... Read more

Our New Place

Welcome to the new home of johnny dollar's place. If you have bookmarked our old site please update your bookmark (or favorites listing) to http://johnnydollar.us... Read more