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'He's Walking on Dangerous Ground'

J$P Audio! Malik Shabazz on Obama, Wright, and Farrakhan:

From The John Gibson Show, April 29 2008

'Did You Just Say Probably Not?'

J$P Video! Shep and Mark Lamont Hill revved up about Wright:

From Studio B, April 28 2008

'Smoking Hot!'

J$P Video! Julie Banderas & friends (including her dog) at the DC Correspondents Dinner:

From Fox News Channel, April 27 2008

'That's Not Your Decision to Make'

J$P Video! Geraldo vs Dick Morris fired up over super delegates:

From At Large, April 26 2008

'He Wanted to Reach Out to Fox Viewers'

J$P Video! Chris Wallace reports on the Obama interview:

From Weekend Live, April 26 2008

'Some of That Stuff Will Come Up'

J$P Audio! Chris Wallace previews the Obama interview:

From Brian and the Judge, April 25 2008

'He Has Been in the Tank From Day One'

J$P Audio! Terry McAuliffe unloads on Chris Matthews:

From The John Gibson Show, April 23 2008

'Fair & Balanced Fox: You Beat 'Em All!'

J$P Video! Garrett and Hume poke fun at CNN; Terry McAuliffe makes himself tomorrow's "worst person":

From Fox News Channel, April 22 2008

'Hey! Not Opinion Here!'

J$P Video! Shep tees off on Bill Clinton and an emailer:

From Studio B, April 22 2008

'A Very, Very Nasty Guy'

J$P Video! Did Lou Dobbs insult the Pope? Greg Kelly w/Liz Trotta:

From Fox News Channel, April 20 2008

'That Was a Mistake'

J$P Audio! Chris Wallace on Katie, ABC's debate mistake, and more:

From Brian & the Judge, April 18 2008

'They Overplay Their Hands'

J$P Audio! Kilmeade and Napolitano on The Debate:

Link for audio only:
From Brian & the Judge, April 17 2008

'It's Not About Dogma, It's About Honesty'

J$P Video! Frank Luntz's focus group rates tonight's debate:

From Hannity & Colmes, April 16 2008

'Do Not Pull This on Me!'

J$P Video! A lively discussion of Obama "bitter" comments:

From The Strategy Room, April 13 2008

Fox News Channel Flashback 1999

J$P Video! Hannity & Colmes, Jane Skinner, Paula Zahn, and more:

From Fox News Channel, 1999

'It Blew Us Off Our Feet'

J$P Video! Greg Kelly recounts his ride into Baghdad:

From Fox & Friends, April 9 2008

'I Know the Jews Inside Out'

J$P Audio! Alan Colmes talks to Yousef al-Khattab:

Link for audio only:
From The Alan Colmes Show, April 7 2008

'She Should Be Fired!'

J$P Video! Geraldine Ferraro reacts to Randi Rhodes:

From America's Election HQ, April 3 2008

'That's Called Libel Per Se'

J$P Video! Greta responds to USA Today insult:

From Fox & Friends, April 3 2008

'Let 'Er Rip!'

J$P Video! It's the Greta-est Show on Earth!

From On the Record, April 2 2008

'A Self-Aggrandizing Twisting of the Truth'

J$P Audio! Chris Wallace on Hillary's "whopper" and, yes, The F&F Flap:

Link for audio only:
From Brian and the Judge, March 28 2008

'I Wish I'd Asked a Question'

J$P Video! Shep is displeased with media restrictions on Chelsea Clinton:

From Studio B, March 26 2008

'Brian Walks Off the Set About Once a Week'

J$P Video! The "walkout" explained, so even Olbermann and the blue blogs can understand it:

From Fox & Friends, March 24 2008

'Two Hours of Obama Bashing Is Enough!'

J$P Video! Chris Wallace scolds the F&F gang: From Fox & Friends, March 21 2008 UPDATE: J$P Audio! Wallace & Kilmeade continue the debate on radio: Link for... Read more

'Like Being Interviewed by Your Mom'

J$P Audio! Bill O'Reilly critiques Larry King and Chris Matthews:

Link for audio only:
From The Radio Factor, March 20 2008

'It's Too Weak a Case''

J$P Video! Will super delegates tip the scales to Hillary? Bob Beckel lays it out:

From America's Pulse, March 19 2008

'Put Obama's Speech in the Trash'

J$P Audio! Michelle Malkin reviews Barack Obama's big speech:

Link for audio only:
From The John Gibson Show, March 17 2008

'He Promised Me, Face to Face'

J$P Video! Chris Wallace launches a new feature: "Obama Watch":

From Fox News Sunday, March 16 2008

See also: Politico.

'She's Been Feisty and Courageous'

J$P Video! The News Watch panel analyzes the Ferraro flap:

From Fox News Watch, March 15 2008

'The Spark Has Left the Eye'

J$P Audio! Geraldo on Ferraro and why the Democrats will not win the White House:

Link for audio only:
From Brian and the Judge, March 14 2008

'How Did He Decide Who to Protect?'

J$P Video! The Judge says Elliot Spitzer could face decades in prison:

From Studio B, March 12 2008

'I Will Not Be Intimidated!'

J$P Audio! Geraldine Ferraro is sticking by her Obama comments:

Link for audio only:
From The John Gibson Show, March 11 2008

'A Perfect Candidate for Prosecution'

J$P Video! Judge Napolitano why the Feds are seeking to prosecute Elliot Spitzer:

From Studio B, March 10 2008

'I Will Dance Until I Can't Dance Any More'

J$P Video! Janice Dean reveals her multiple sclerosis:

From Fox & Friends, March 9 2008

'It's a Contract'

J$P Audio! When is "off the record" not off the record? The Judge explains:

Link for audio only:
From Brian and the Judge, March 7 2008

'The Momentum Has No Place to Go'

J$P Video! Does Hillary have momentum? Bob Beckel says it won't save her:

From America's Election HQ, March 5 2008

'It Made Me Insane'

J$P Audio! Brit Hume talks to Don Imus:

Link for audio only:
From Imus in the Morning, March 3 2008

'They Are Flying Off the Shelves'

J$P Video! Courtney Friel models political T-shirts!

From Happening Now, March 2 2008

'It Gets McCain Back to What He's Best At'

J$P Video! News Watch analyzes controversial remarks by Bill Cunningham:

From Fox News Watch, March 1 2008